10 Sparkly Beauty Products Today's Kids Are Missing Out On — PHOTOS

All things '90s are coming back, but not even one of the biggest It-girl trends of the day can resurrect our favorite defunct beauty lines from back then. Alas, there are so many sparkly beauty products today's kids are missing out on. That said, in this new age where strobing reigns supreme and highlighting palettes are all the rage, I'd wager that it's about time for '90s-level glitter makeup to make its big comeback — and maybe once the trends come back, some of the discontinued brands will follow! (A woman can dream, anyway).

Either way, it's fun to reminisce over all the best glitter products from the '90s — after all, there were so many to choose from, from the all ultra-shiny frosted lipsticks, to the body glitters that got everywhere , to all those sweet-smelling sparkly lotions that you frankly kind of overused.

Some of the items on the list below were veritable sleepover staples — you couldn't watch Clueless at a slumber party without pulling out the tiny Bon Bons nail polishes and your favorite Bath and Body Works glitter sprays now, could you? With all that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best and brightest glittery '90s makeup brands.

1. Bath and Body Works Art Stuff

LBR, the Bath and Body Works entire Art Stuff line was all HG.

2. Bath and Body Works Art Stuff Hair Spray

Bath and Body Works Art Stuff Shake and Shine for Hair, $17.99, ebay.com

Make no mistake, Bath and Body Works had it all covered — in addition to all the glittery lotions and body sprays, they also had hair products so your hair could sparkle too.

3. j.a.n.e. cosmetics Lip Gloss

Jane Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Girl Next Door, $10.87, ebay.com

No one did glossy lips quite like j.a.n.e. — and if you were really lucky, you also scored their majorly sparkly eyeshadows.

4. Revlon Street Wear Nail Polish

Revlon Street Wear Polish in Disco, $12.89, ebay.com

Why oh why did they ever do away with the Revlon Street Wear line? They had some of the best glitter polishes in town.

5. Revlon Street Wear Lipstick

Revlon Street Wear Lipstick in Huge Smooch, $3.99, ebay.com

Their glittery metallic lipsticks were pretty "to die for," too.

6. Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel, $16.99, amazon.com

Now, hair tinsel wasn't technically discontinued — but it's not exactly something people do anymore. That said, it's definitely a trend worth resurrecting — I mean, who doesn't want shiny extensions?

7. Bon Bons Nail Polish

6 Scented Fingernail Polish Minis Fun Fruits, $4.27, amazon.com

Tiny adorable Bon Bons nail polishes were another must of the day — they had lots of bright colors, metallics, and glitters.

8. Caboodles Liquid Metallics

Caboodles Liquid Metallics Purple Glitter Makeup Case Travel Organizer, $20, ebay.com

When it comes to sparkly beauty products from the '90s, it doesn't get much better than the glittery metallic caboodles. After all, what better way to store all of your glittery eyeliners?

9. Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder

Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder, $23.99, ebay.com

Urban Decay has long been the reigning authority for all things sparkly, and this body powder was quite the must-have in the '90s.

10. Limited Too Nail Polish

Turns out Limited Too was more than just a destination for pastel graphic tees — they also had great nail polish.

Images: 20th Century Fox; Courtesy of Brands