11 Things People Who Loved Body Glitter Understand

by Melodi Erdogan

Given recent efforts to bring back one of the greatest '90s beauty trends while paying homage to the most dazzling form of sparkling skin, I thought it time to shed light on the many things people who loved body glitter in the '90s are bound to understand. Even though skin totally covered in sequins and sparkles may be a thing of a past, these are the reasons those of us who loved body glitter back than likely still hold a special place in our hearts for the stuff today.

Let’s be real: Body glitter is truly a lost art. Back in the mid to late '90s, we used to see celebrities like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera looking like dazzling beacons of light covered in body glitter from head to toe. But since then, the appreciation for sparkling skin has just simply deteriorated.

Things go out of style and we move right along to the next trend. But those of us who loved body glitter can probably still remember all the great (and not so great) things about it in 2016. Sure, it was horrible to clean up, and it never really went away, but its shine was unbeatable and there’s no doubt it was a super creative element in beauty.

So here are 11 things people who loved body glitter will probably understand about the magical sparkling dust. It may be outdated, but there’s no doubt that there’s nothing quite like the extraordinary nature of body glitter in this world.

1. It Captures Light Like Nothing Else

Anyone who knows the strength and power of body glitter would likely scoff in the face of strobing or highlighting. Although those two makeup techniques draw light in, they're nothing compared to all the sparkle and shine body glitter can collect. Yep: Even if you’re in the darkest room, body glitter can pick up on even the smallest amounts of light and make you look like a dazzling disco ball.

2. It's Super Hard To Clean Up

NYX Cosmetics Face And Body Glitter, $4, Ulta

That being said, it sure is a lot messier than a powder highlight or glitter. I recommend laying out a piece of paper and using that as a palette to mix and apply your body glitter accordingly. As all body glitter lovers know, no matter what kind of applicator you're using, body glitter will get everywhere.

3. Like, Really Everywhere

I think I speak for all people who love and understand glitter when I say good luck cleaning it up completely. Don't be surprised if you find it in your hair, on your clothes, in your car, and on every surface you touch until the end of time. If you haven't already guessed, this stuff is potent.

4. It Last Forever

Sephora Collection Midnight Magic Face And Body Glitter Pots, $10, Sephora

The upside of that is that it lasts literally forever. No matter how many showers or baths or complete body scrubs you do, you'll be finding body glitter on yourself for days, and even weeks, after using it. This just means there's more to love.

5. You Leave A Glitter Trail

If you rocked body glitter in a land of unicorns and fairies, the mythical creatures would be totally jealous of your ability to leave a shimmering glitter trail everywhere you walk. Unfortunately, we're living in reality. But hey, who says you can't leave a glitter trail everywhere you walk in real life? Strut down your own runway, and if it's covered in glitter, that certainly can't be a bad thing.

6. It's Wonderful For Getting Creative

Stardust Body Glitter In Opal, $7, Body Kandi

Body glitter isn't reserved for any one place or style. In fact, it's one of those makeup items that you can really get creative with. Throw some onto your shoulders for a romantic glow. Work some into your hair part for a fun, Instagram-worthy look. You could even sprinkle some into your natural armpit hair to make a political statement. As every glitter enthusiast will tell you, there's more to glitter than meets the eye.

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7. It Comes In Many Different Forms

And, well, they’re all amazing. From makeup items like eyeshadows, to powders, to pigments, to polishes, to straight-up body glitter, the shimmering substance is a stunning eye-catcher.

8. It Shows Individuality

12 MI Stardust Body & Face Glitter, $9, Custom Body Art

Body glitter isn't for everyone, and that's totally OK. Trends wouldn't be trends if we all loved them and never wanted to move on. But anyone who is familiar with body glitter knows that it's a great way to show personality, individuality, and unique style.

If you're a daredevil, you may want to work bursts of glitter into your eyebrows. If you're a girly girl, you might reach for glitter to top off your lip gloss. Or perhaps you're the life of the party and love glitter when you want your chest and shoulders to sparkle in the moonlight. It's all about creativity and showing off your personality through glitter.

9. It Is Always A Good Accessory

In Your Dreams Gleam Worthy Body Glitter In Gold Lileth, $12, Nasty Gal

I'm convinced that every body glitter aficionado has once looked in the mirror and said, "I need a little extra oomph with my outfit," and proceeded to dump a whole lot of body glitter onto themselves. Body glitter is the perfect shimmering addition to any ensemble. If your clothes are looking bland or your makeup's low key, resorting to body glitter as a finishing accessory is bound to give your look a fun, playful element.

10. It Can Be Bold Or Subtle

Body glitter doesn't necessarily have to mean full-on glittered bod at all times. In fact, the shimmering substance can be both bold and subtle. Feeling like throwing glitter all over yourself? Do it! Want a more subtle shine in a small spot, whether it's under your brow bone or on your collarbones? You can do that, too! There's no need to pile on the shine if you're into a soft, pretty look as opposed to a dramatic effect.

11. There’s Nothing Else Quite Like It

Try to think of another material that shines and sparkles and is as diverse and creative as body glitter. There's no need to hurt your brain. Ultimately, there’s really nothing that compares to the incredible substance that is body glitter.

For all of the reasons above and more, body glitter is truly memorable and personal. So grab that body glitter, pour it all over yourself, and shine on.

Images: Melodi Erdogan