Can You Still Buy Kylie's Leo Lip Kit? Cop This Burgundy Lippie While You Can

The free shipping promotion may be over now, but that doesn’t mean the shopping has to end. Because there are plenty of amazing Kylie Cosmetics goodies up for grabs. Can you still buy the Leo Lip Kit? I’ve got some good news, beauty lovers!

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a lip color that’s perfect for the fall season, you need to act quickly. As of press time, the Leo Lip Kit was still available to shop! And that’s excellent news. Given that this shade was part of Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Collection, everyone thought it was gone forever. But, Jenner surprised us and brought it back just in time for free shipping, and you've got to love her for it! Of course, it was one of the first products to sell out. But then, Jenner outdid herself and restocked it yet again.

So, you may have to pay a little extra to have this lip color placed in your mailbox now that the window for free shipping has closed, but it’s definitely worth it. Who knows if you’ll have another chance to cop this Lip Kit, so you better take advantage of it being in stock. Added shipping costs or no, you’ve got to add this burgundy lippie to your cart, ASAP.

Jenner just keep delivering for her fans. First free shipping and now another Leo restock? I could get used to this!

Real talk, we all knew this lippie was too good not to make a comeback.

I mean, just look at it!

The matte lipstick and lip liner can be yours for $30.

Leo Lip Kit, $30, Kylie Cosmetics

Shop this shade while you still can. Seriously, the fact that it's still available is practically a miracle.

Image: Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics (1)