18 Made-For-TV Movies Starring Your Favorite '90s Stars

If you grew up in the '90s, it's likely that you have a favorite '90s star. Whether that star is Melissa Joan Hart, Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, or Jonathan Taylor Thomas, you likely still feel deeply invested in everything they do. While many '90s stars went on to make blockbusters in the aughts — I'm looking at you Will Smith — one of the best places to find your favorite '90s stars in current day is still in made-for-TV movies.

I know in some circles made for TV movies are considered lesser than their big screen counterparts, but trust me: made for TV movies will bring so much joy to your life if you let them. Whether you are indulging in a crazy monster mashup on Syfy, a snuggly romantic comedy on the Hallmark Channel, or a holiday gem on ABC Family, small screen movies are a blast to watch. Even better, they usually star familiar faces from your old-school favorite TV shows and sometimes even movies. The nostalgia factor is strong with this genre is what I'm saying.

The next time you find yourself both missing your '90s fave and unwilling to leave your couch, then turn to one of these 18 made for TV movies featuring all the '90s celebs you loved. Trust me, it will be just as much fun as heading to the cinema and buying overpriced popcorn.

1. Holiday In Handcuffs

Chris Cringle on YouTube

Melissa Joan Hart kidnaps Mario Lopez and forces him to be her fake boyfriend for the holidays. Yes, it sounds a little more Misery than romantic, but I promise: the crazy premise actually works.

2. Tower Of Terror

SweetStar1908 on YouTube

Back when Kirsten Dunst was the coolest child actor around, she made Tower of Terror for ABC's Disney movie night, and it became a Halloween classic almost immediately.

3. Beauty & The Briefcase

Think Legally Blonde, only instead of Reese Witherspoon conquering law school, Hilary Duff infiltrates the business world and falls in love along the way.

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4. Revenge Of The Bridesmaids


If you need someone to take down a bridezilla for you, you'll want to call Raven Symone.

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5. Lizzie Borden Took An Ax

FilmBookdotComTV on YouTube

Christina Ricci is chilling in Lifetime's take on the infamous Lizzie Borden.

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6. Hello Sister, Goodbye Life

rizalmattar on YouTube

In the '90s, Lacey Chabert was the little sister in Party of Five — but she is all grown up in this Hallmark Original Movie designed to make you cry forever.

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7. Sharknado

Drop-Out Cinema on YouTube

Sharknado is a certified classic at this point, but there is no reason you cannot revisit it and bask in the joy of Ian Ziering wielding a chainsaw.

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8. My Fake Fiance

WamBamFam on YouTube

Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart team up for a tale of crime, fake weddings, and swoonworthy banter.

9. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone To Pick

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on YouTube

The good news is if you find yourself addicted to watching a grownup D.J. Tanner solve crimes there is a whole series of Aurora movies for you to watch.

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10. The Wrong Woman

Carpentier Frédéric on YouTube

This movie is super intense, but just sit back and let the very un-Urkel like Jaleel White's tough guy cop character reassure you everything will workout in the end.

11. Common Ground

Yes, Jonathan Taylor Thomas made a TV movie, and a progressive one at that. The movie chronicles the struggle for acceptance that LGBTQ people face in one small New England town.

12. My Santa

MarVista Digital US on YouTube

Matthew Lawrence makes a surprisingly good Santa Claus in this sweet Christmas confection.

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13. Double Wedding

XenonPictures on YouTube

Tia and Tamera Mowry's characters (whom are total opposites) end up falling in love with the same man in what will instantly become your new favorite feel good movie.

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14. Saige Paints The Sky

American Girl on YouTube

Kerr Smith slips right into the hot dad role in a kid's movie everyone will enjoy.

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15. Puppy Love

Hallmark Channel on YouTube

A rescue dog, a shared puppy custody agreement, and Candace Cameron Bure means this is an ultra-sweet movie for all the romantics out there.

16. The Lost Valentine

Universal Channel Australia on YouTube

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White team up for a genuinely touching Hallmark movie all about finding a lost love.

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17. Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage

LionsgateVOD on YouTube

If you were Team Dean right from the start of Gilmore Girls, then you need this Christmas movie in your life. Jared Padalecki wears so many sweaters, it's almost like an extended Stars Hollow Christmas special.

18. Seventeen Again

The Shape on YouTube

All of the Mowry siblings get in on the act in this family comedy with a sci-fi twist.

Now go forth and have the '90s flavored TV movie marathon of your dreams.

Images: ABC Family; Showtime