This 'Scream Queens' Season 2 Promo's Exploration Of Ghosting Is Even More Proof Of The Show's Genius — VIDEO

I've spent all summer waiting for Scream Queens' return to the small-screen — I mean, how could I not? The promos for Season 2 have each looked amazing so far, and most of the cast is returning in the best way possible. Unsurprisingly, these two new Scream Queens clips have only made me hungrier for the show's distinctive aesthetic of b*tchiness cloaked in pastel clothing. The second of the two clips is particularly wonderful — in fact, I'd even go so far as to argue that the clip, which sees the Chanels trying to define "ghosting," proves how genius the show is.

On one level, genius might seem an exaggeration: after all, the show is a weekly slasher series, and it includes all the silly, gruesome action that the genre implies, like a high bodycount and an even higher number of jokes. Can such a light-hearted, often catty show have anything much of substance to import?

I'd argue the show's real strength is found in convincingly presenting different viewpoints simultaneously. This was the genius of Scream Queens Season 1, which prevented the majority of viewers from figuring out who the serial killer was until the ultimate episode via the way it presented the investigation: different characters would put together a potent argument as to why they believed the killer was the person they said it was. The series is employing a similar technique with the definition of ghosting:

As I'm sure you're a vaguely-savvy user of the internet as well as a human being who perhaps occasionally navigates the choppy waters of modern dating, I'd speculate you know perfectly well what ghosting is. And it's perhaps the funniest part of the video that the voice of reason doesn't come from, as you'd expect, Zayday Williams, but from the often gormless Chanel #5.

Even better is the fact that Chanel, the woman most concerned with presenting an image of flawless glamour to the world, believes ghosting is most often used with regards to a bowel movement slipping away down the toilet pre-flush.

But, perhaps the aspect of the video that's most representative of the show's preoccupation with confusing the viewer via equally-weighted viewpoints is that Chanel #3's definition isn't wrong, or invented: ghosting as defined as leaving the party without saying goodbye is a real thing, at least according to Slate.

This clip is excellent news if you enjoyed Season 1: it implies the show will continue to do what it does best, aka, creating a world in which all viewpoints (whether ridiculous or legit) are considered equally valid. While this can make for incredibly tasteless moments, it's also the engine behind the show's talent for mystery. So if you're a keen couch-detective, you might want to clear your schedule for the next few Tuesdays: it looks like the Season 2 mystery will be every bit as hard to crack as that of Season 1.

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