Where To Buy Kylie Jenner’s Rihanna X Fenty Tracksuit For The Ultimate Comfy Cool Vibe — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner was up to date on the coolest fashions before she ever got her gig with Puma. But, now that she proudly reps the brand, she’s killing the athleisure game. Whether it’s her footwear or her oversized hoodies, this girl knows how to do comfy-chic just right. Find out where to buy Kylie Jenner’s Rihanna X Fenty tracksuit because she's proving that the latest and greatest items to wear can be found in the RiRi-designed collection.

By the looks of it, Jenner paired the Rising Sun Lace-Up Hoodie with the Rising Sun Sweatpants from the Rihanna X Fenty Puma line. The hoodie is available to shop at Bloomingdale’s for $150, and the sweatpants are up for grabs on the Puma website for $120. Not only are these items great on their own, but they’re even better when worn together.

Check out Jenner’s monochromatic and ultra comfy ensemble, and you'll be convinced to shop these pieces for yourself. You better scoop up these items before they sell out, too. The collection's carried at several retailers, but I have a feeling this ensemble will go quickly. Because if Rihanna and Jenner have anything to do with it, everyone’s going to be wearing this tracksuit combo. Seriously, there’s never been another excuse to wear sweatpants 24/7. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than here for it.

I'd live in this outfit.

You've got to admit, this is a seriously incredible combination.

These are some standout pieces. Wear them together or on their own, there's really no wrong way to go!

You can't beat this cool lace-up aspect.

Rihanna X Fenty Rising Sun Lace-Up Hoodie, $150, Bloomingdale's

Although the view from the back's not so bad, either.

Rihanna X Fenty Rising Sun Sweatpants, $120, Puma

It's the flared bottoms that make these sweats so fashionable, if you ask me.

Get to shopping so you can do athleisure Kylie X Rihanna-style.

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (3)