Hailey Baldwin Bleached Her Eyebrows For London Fashion Week, And She Looked Incredible — PHOTOS

Bleached eyebrows are a bold look, and the latest celebrity to rock the trend in name of fashion proved it. Hailey Baldwin's bleached brows were chicer than chic on Sept. 17, after she lightened them to walk at a show at London Fashion Week.

Her new look was for British designer Matty Bovan's runway show. Bovan also posted an image on his Instagram of the same bleached brow look on model Veronica Vilim.

Baldwin documented her eyebrow bleaching journey on Snapchat, alerting her fans to the drastic makeover before it debuted on the catwalk. In addition to the bleached brows, Baldwin also rocked heavy lipstick, and abstract eye makeup to complete the look. The finished beauty look definitely contributed to the fact that Bovan was one of the biggest standouts at London Fashion Week, and represents yet another addition to the world of wild makeup looks from fashion weeks of the past.

Despite the fact that she looks like a total badass, Baldwin's posts seem to indicate that there's no way she'd be rocking bleached brows if it wasn't for work. In her caption, Baldwin wrote, "Lol. Only for you @kegrand #bleachedbrows @babbym," in a nod to both Bovan and fashion stylist Katie Grand, who worked as a creative consultant for the show.

The process took longer than you migh expect, but Baldwin took her fans through the entire transformation on Snapchat.

Then it was time for Bovan's makeup artists to work their magic.

And here's Baldwin's final look for the show. Combined with the bold makeup, the aesthetic was basically everything.

And if you're not a fan of Baldwin's new bleached brows, never fear: Hours after her walk down Matty Bovan's runway, Baldwin dyed her brows back to their original state.

Though it's cool that Baldwin was able to quickly return to her natural look, the bleached brow thing really worked for her while it lasted.

Images: Getty (1), Hailey Baldwin/Snapchat