Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy Monologue Epitomized 2016 TV

While there are a lot of duties as a host of a major awards show, the biggest task by far is the opening, and Jimmy Kimmel during his 2016 Emmys monologue lived up to that challenge. Although Kimmel claimed he had gotten some writing help from his two-year-old daughter, the host can take all the credit for his jokes about how Jon Snow is his "freebie" and blaming reality TV producer Mark Burnett for making it possible for Donald Trump to run for president.

As evidenced by his previous 2012 Emmy hosting gig, his post-Oscars specials, his 2016 Emmys opener, and his long-standing "feud" with Matt Damon, Kimmel has the ability to get a lot of big-name celebrities to play along with his sketches. Yet, his monologues are usually more low-key than other awards show hosts, with no big song and dance numbers like Neil Patrick Harris, or even Andy Samberg during his opening at the 2015 Emmys. Kimmel has a droll and sometimes mean — but never Ricky Gervais mean — take on television, celebrities, pop culture, and politics. His 2016 monologue at the Emmys was no exception, as he tackled why the hell the Emmys keep nominating Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith even though she never shows up and how Marcia Clark might be rooting for O.J. Simpson this time around, thanks to The People v. O.J. Simpson, or, at least, the Cuba Gooding Jr. version of him.

If you missed Kimmel's Emmys monologue or just want to relive it in all its glory, then you're in luck since the awards show partnered with Facebook to film a 360-degree video of it, as Variety reported. Recorded from the orchestra pit, you can not only watch Kimmel's delivery, but get a view from every angle — including the audience, because half the fun and awkwardness of watching the opening of awards shows is seeing how the celebs in the hot seats react.

If you're more into the old-school way of viewing it, you can catch the whole (standard) video of the monologue below.

No matter how you watched Kimmel's Emmy monologue, there's no denying he set the tone for the television awards show and will continue to bring the laughs during the rest of the 2016 Emmy Awards.