Lance Bass Wants A Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Song Just As Much As You Do

Just like my fellow '90s kids, I'm still not over the fact that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears want to collaborate. Yes, with each other. These two exes-slash-pop stars both agree they'd love to work together. And one of JT's former boybanders is totally on board for this nostalgia fest. In an interview with E! News, Lance Bass shipped a Spears and Timberlake collaboration. In fact, he had plenty of ideas about what it should sound like, so those two should probably start taking notes. The *NSYNC singer knows what he's talking about. Bass said,

"Justin is down to collab with a lot of fun people and there's no love lost between those two and they've already collabed together. I just hope that it's something like the Janet Jackson/Michael Jackson 'Scream.' I want it to be up tempo, I want them to dance their asses off, yeah I think it could be revolutionary."

Not only does he envision a dance anthem, but he'd love to get in on the action himself. Bass also added, "If I was invited, I totally would [join in]. I'd freaking sweep the floor out of them, geez!" Geez, indeed. This is the best idea ever and I can't comprehend why it hasn't happened sooner.


Sure, it's only been a few weeks since Spears first praised Timberlake's music and said it's "very good," but I'm getting impatient over here. After all, this would be the second time these two made a song. In 2001, Timberlake co-wrote Spears' "What It's Like To Be Me." He also co-produced the song and performed backup vocals. Of course, that was 15 years ago, but that's 15 years too long. Plus, the track serves as proof that working together again is an excellent decision — not just for their careers, but also for their loyal fans.

If Bass is on board too, there's no reason they all shouldn't head to the studio to make this happen immediately. This collaboration is seeming more and more likely as the days pass. My fingers are officially crossed.