Where's Ryan Seacrest During The 2016 Emmys? This Nominee Is Everywhere But The Red Carpet

Giuliana Rancic is owning the coverage on E! Live from the Red Carpet for the 2016 Emmys, but I gotta say: Whenever a red carpet doesn't feature Ryan Seacrest, I immediately panic. Sure, Rancic and Jason Kennedy are doing an awesome job, but Seacrest is the awards show red carpet king — so, where is Ryan Seacrest during the Emmys red carpet? He hosted the red carpet for the Emmys in 2015, but he was notably missing during Sunday's ceremony — and some investigating shows he might not be showing his face at the Emmys at all this year.

When I first saw that he wasn't rocking the mic for E!, I thought he was skipping out on the red carpet since Seacrest is an Emmy nominee in the category of Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program for his final year of hosting American Idol. He hasn't been nominated for hosting since 2013, and since 2016 marked American Idol 's final season, I thought maybe he was taking some extra time to prep since it's bound to be kind of emotional for him, right? Well, turns out I was completely wrong since his social media points to the host pretty much doing everything but being at the Emmys.

His first post that indicated that Seacrest wouldn't be anywhere near the Microsoft Theater's red carpet was posted early in the AM on Sunday, Sept. 18. And, apparently, he has a really good excuse for not being there since he is the Man of Honor at his sister's wedding and it looks like he was celebrating at her bachelorette weekend.

Yet, the bachelorette weekend seems to have come to an end with Seacrest next tweeting that he's cheering for the Los Angeles Rams from "at home tonight" — aka the night of the Emmys.

Since the Rams game started at 4:05 p.m. ET and the Emmys take place in Los Angeles, there's a chance that Seacrest still could make it to the actual ceremony. Regardless if he shows up or not, Seacrest is clearly a very a busy man.