Jeb Bush's 2016 Emmys Cameo Is An Unexpected Addition To The Show — VIDEO

While watching an awards show, one expects to see famous actors, singers, and filmmakers — not politicians. Yet none other than former presidential candidate Jeb Bush had a cameo at the 2016 Emmy Awards, appearing in host Jimmy Kimmel's opening sketch. Bush played an Uber driver giving Kimmel a ride, joking that he is "in between jobs" at the moment.

The sketch opened with Kimmel grabbing a ride in Bush's Uber, after not being let into President Selina Meyer's (aka Emmy nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus) motorcade. Bush tells Kimmel that he's working for Uber because it pays 12 dollars an hour, and then asks Kimmel if he's nominated for the Emmys. Kimmel says that he is, and then Bush, making fun of his own failed candidacy, says, "wow, what's that like?"

It made for a self-aware and funny cameo from the former Republican candidate, and it only got better from there. "Here's what I know. If you run a positive campaign, the voters will ultimately make the right choice," said Bush, before adding, "That was a joke." He then drove away, with that famous Jeb! sticker plastered to the back of his car.

Bush's appearance was a surprising cameo in a typically celeb-filled show, but it made for one of the intro's most entertaining moments.