Will Matthew Morrison Return to 'Glee' for Season 6? Here's Why They Should Let Him Go

With the airing of Glee's 100th episode Tuesday night, the show is preparing for its big move to New York City. But not everyone from Lima will make the move: it's been rumored that Jenna Ushkowitz (aka Tina) might leave the show, and in an interview with E!, Matthew Morrison (aka Will Schuester) revealed that he's not been told if he'll still be in the cast next season.

Although it's hard to part with more Glee cast members, Morrison's departure doesn't have to be for the worse. Here's why it's a good idea:

He's Ready to Leave

In the interview, Morrison said that while he hasn't yet been asked to remain on the show, he thinks he'll be around for the end in some capacity. But he seems a little worn out, and admits to being out of his element on a television show when he comes from the world of theatre. "I'm used to doing a year of a character and then moving on to the next, so I've never done a role for this long, and frankly I'm looking forward to new challenges," Morrison says. And that might be the best thing for him — it's easy to get typecast when you're acting in a teen drama, so Morrison might want to get out while he can.

It's Not High School Anymore

The show's move to New York means changing a lot of things, all of which involve Mr. Schuester. It means no more dealing with school politics, Lima politics, and probably doing away with most of the adult storylines. It'll be hard to see the character who started the whole Glee club go, but having him hang around would be like having your high school English teacher show up at college. Nice in theory, but a little weird. This show is no Boy Meets World, and it shouldn't try to be — Mr. Schu shouldn't hang around forever.

Adults Are Lame

Okay, not completely. But the storylines for the olds on the show were starting to run out of steam: Will and Emma are happily married and both love their jobs, Sue is the principal now and has a baby, Kurt's dad beat his prostate cancer. Young people drama is a deep well to pull from (because everything seems like the end of the world when you're young), but for adults, the drama is less and the consequences are far more serious (often too serious for a happy-go-lucky show like Glee). Watching the show throw random obstacles in the path of Will and Emma's relationship was starting to get tedious, so having the show instead focus on the exciting career paths of those in New York will be refreshing.

Image: Fox