Wiz Khalifa Samples The 'Stranger Things' Theme

Ever since Netflix's nail-biting face-off with the Demogorgon, fans of the hit series Stranger Things , have been gearing up for Season 2. However, it's not just casual fans at home who are addicted to the series; famous people are huge fans too. In an attempt to pay homage to the '80s-inspired series, rapper Wiz Khalifa sampled the Stranger Things theme song in his latest single. With the help of producers E. Dan, Big Jerm, Sayez, Wiz Khalifa's new track (featuring J.R. Donato) is making the wait for Season 2 just a little more bearable. The "Stranger Things" single of the same name is providing fans with even more edge-of-your-seat, monster-hunting feels.

Not only can you hear show's theme song (originally composed by Survive's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein) in the background of the single, "Stranger Things" also features some television-inspired cover art of Wiz Khalifa and J.R. Donato riding bicycles. The song's lyrics reinforce this homage, with lines like "I think I'm in danger, gotta wake my game up / Gotta stay the same, watching everybody change / Ah now they're getting stranger."

It's clear that Wiz Khalifa could be feeling both inspired (and maybe even threatened) by the quality of television readily available for mainstream audiences. As long as we stay far, far away from the Upside Down, this is one wonderful time for television fans to be alive.

So, could Wiz Khalifa's new song be the theme song for Stranger Things Season 2? Sadly, the lyrics aren't exactly on par with the themes of the show, so Wiz Khalifa's commentary on pop culture is best when it's left to stand all on its own. But, if Stranger Things is looking to add some lyrics to the theme song come Season 2, it can look no further for help than its very own cast. With the help of Entertainment Weekly, the kids of Stranger Things added their own lyrics to the show's theme song, proving once again that there's nothing these kids can't do.

In the meantime, I can certainly be found listening to Wiz Khalifa's"Stranger Things" single on repeat. Celebrities are just like us, watching awesome TV, too.

Images: Courtesy of Netflix