The Father Of Bridget's Baby Made Perfect Sense

Bridget Jones is officially off the market, and, no, I'm not just saying that because she's a mother now. Bridget Jones's Baby, the third film in the series, ends with Bridget not only giving birth to her baby, but getting hitched too. But, you're not here to hear me gush about Bridget getting married — you're here to talk about the big reveal, the answer to the question: who is the guy responsible for impregnating Bridget? Well, the father of Bridget's baby in Bridget Jones's Baby is revealed at the very last second to be (spoiler alert!) Mark Darcy, Bridget's new hubby, and I couldn't be happier.

Watching Bridget explore her old relationship with Mark and her new relationship with American dreamboat, Jack, all while dealing with a pregnancy and not knowing which one is the father, was exhausting. Throughout Bridget Jones's Baby , I couldn't decide who I wanted to be the father or who I wanted her to end up with. Did I want her to end up with her one-time love Mark or take a chance on Jack? Did I want her to end up with the father of her child, or did I want her to end up dumping her son's biological father? Did it even matter? In the end, though, I was glad that Mark was the father to Bridget's baby. First of all, logistically, it makes things a lot easier. But that's not the only reason I think Mark being Bridget's baby daddy is a good thing. Here are 13 reasons why Mark being the father of Bridget Jones' baby is a perfect choice.

1. Mark Loves Bridget & The Baby Unconditionally

Right in the middle of giving birth, Bridget asks Mark what he'll do if the baby isn't his, and he answers without hesitation that he'd still love it as if it where his own. He's ready to take on being Bridget's partner and being a father figure to her son, no matter what.

2. They've Been Through The Bad Times Already

Jack is a pretty, but untested, option for Bridget and her baby. He's sweet, sure, but who knows how he'd react in a crisis? Mark, on the other hand, has gone through the ringer with Bridget, and he's come out the other side more in love with her than ever. He's ready to be a parent with Bridget.

3. He's Willing To Fight For What He Wants

Over the course of three movies, Mark has proven that, even though he's a proper British lawyer, he's still willing to fight for Bridget. No matter how awkward or ineffective Mark's fighting might be, it's nice to know that he'll be willing to fight for his child too.

4. He Loves Bridget Just The Way She Is

Mark loves Bridget with all of her faults. Jack doesn't really know her enough to love her, not really. And, yes, you don't have to be in love to have a baby, but it's nice to think that Bridget's baby will have a father who accepts his mother's faults. Nobody likes screaming parents.

5. He Wants The Baby From The Beginning

When Bridget tells Mark she's expecting, he leaves the room to compose himself and returns to tell her that it's the best thing he's ever heard. He's invested from the beginning, and it's adorable.

6. He Supports Bridget's Diary Habit, Even If She Trashes Him In It

Does Jack even know that Bridget keeps a diary?! Based on what we saw in Bridget Jones's Baby, it doesn't seem like he does. In fact, it doesn't seem like he knows much about her life, or how she chooses to live it, at all. Mark not only knows about Bridget's diary, he knows she'll occasionally write mean things about him, and that's OK. His son isn't going to love him all the time either, so, at least he's prepared.

7. He Loves Her Even When She's Not At Her Goal Weight

Bridget was always self-conscious about her weight (at least she was pre-Bridget Jones's Baby), but Mark never wanted her to be embarrassed. To love someone sometimes means you love what they don't even like about themselves, and that's a good quality to have as a parent.

8. He'll Raise His Son To Be A Feminist

In Bridget Jones's Baby, Mark represents a Pussy Riot-esque girlband and supports their rights, even if they stage a women's rights protest blocking Bridget's way to the hospital. Hopefully, he'll raise his son to share his values where women are concerned.

9. He Doesn't Hold A Grudge

He fought Daniel over Bridget multiple times, and yet still showed up to his funeral. Classy.

10. He's Willing To Change For Those He Loves

Mark is finally ready to let go of work and put Bridget and his baby first. Jack, while he's willing to move to London (at least part time...I think), doesn't really seem ready to be a dad. He's still a little immature, a little self-righteous. While I'm sure he would have been a fine father, Mark is a bit more prepared.

11. He'll Balance Out Bridget's Eccentricities

Mark and Bridget are perfectly imperfect together, and they will undoubtedly make for a cool, mismatched team of parents. Mark can teach his son all about British manners and politeness, and Bridget can teach her son how to break all the rules.

12. Bridget Wants Him To Be The Father

Look, she might not say it explicitly, but Bridget seems to want to have a baby with Mark, and, as a fan, I want that for her. Simple as that.


Ok, even though Mark and Bridget didn't envision the same future for their child during her pregnancy scare in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, it's still kind of adorable to know that Mark's fantasy about having a son with Bridget came true after all.

To Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones, may they live happily ever after. Or at least, till the next movie.

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