Jennifer Lopez Makes Bid Against P. Diddy to Acquire Fuse TV In One Brilliant Move

I'm waiting with bated breath and debit card in hand for Jennifer Lopez to join the rash of celebrities penning relationship books. She should title it On To the Next because clearly, she knows a thing or two about successfully moving on from an ex. Even though she and Diddy dated in an ancient era filled with crop tops, low-rise Frankie B. jeans and studded bandanas, she threw him a facetious jab last week by claiming that if given the chance, she'd gladly leave her music mogul ex stranded at sea, along with her other ex-beau Ben Affleck. Now, Lopez has gone for Diddy's jugular by placing a bid against him to acquire Fuse TV.

When I imagine an encounter with an ex, I can only hope that it's a good hair day, and I'm wearing a killer outfit and laughing carelessly as a perfectly timed breeze blows through my hair, while the sunlight glistening off my dazzling smile blinds him. My happiness will sear through his soul like a sharpened knife, and all will be right with the world.

But it seems that dreamy scenario is strictly reserved for ordinary chicks like me. J. Lo's success-as-revenge tactic is on a much broader scale. As the financial backer of the Nuvo TV network, Lopez reportedly matched Diddy's $200 million bid in the battle for Fuse. And in the past few weeks alone, she's released a new single declaring her love for her newer, younger man, while the accompanying video aims to challenge the objectification of women. She's back as a judge on American Idol, and she will soon be appearing on the small screen as the star of an NBC series.

Needless to say, Lopez is winning. She's proven that success is indeed the best form of revenge, which is definitely best served cold — and rich.