'Scream Queens' S2 Needs More Denise Hemphill

It's been a year since Ryan Murphy debuted his satirical horror series Scream Queens and the world has never been the same since. Because unlike many other thrillers out there, the identity of the Red Devil killer was only one aspect of its appeal. Fans came to truly fall in love with these unique (and albeit, morally misguided) characters, which is a big part of why audiences kept returning week after week. And that's why I'm sure many of you are eager to know whether or not Denise Hemphill will appear in Scream Queens Season 2, considering she quickly became one of the most beloved and downright hilarious characters on this show, hands down.

As many of you have undoubtedly seen by now, numerous Scream Queens Season 2 promos have made their debut over the last month or so. And while the hospital setting looks just as promising as any sorority house, you may have noticed that Niecy Nash's character is nowhere to be found in any of the teasers. In fact, most of the attention is given to the Chanels (because, duh) as well as series newcomers John Stamos and Taylor Lautner. So does this mean we should be worried about Denise's role in this latest installment? Not in the slightest, I'm happy to report.

It's true that Denise's presence is seriously lacking (aka nonexistent) in all of the Season 2 previews, you can be rest assured that our favorite officer-turned-agent will be back with a vengeance and just as unforgettable as ever. Not only doesn't Nash's IMDB page credit her as being in all 13 of Season 2's episodes, but the actress herself confirmed her character's return way back in March via Twitter.

So fear not, my friends, because Denise isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And considering she got a call from none other than the FBI during the Season 1 finale, her authority and unique brand of detective skills should be stronger than ever before. Maybe her absence in the promos is all part of the network's strategy to shroud her involvement in mystery. That or they're just trying to highlight the show's newest members to help draw an even bigger fan base.

We may know very little of what the overarching storyline is about or who the new killer will be, but as long as Denise Hemphill is on the case, it's bound to be just as compelling as last year, if not more so. (I'm already picturing her potential scenes with Stamos.) In other words, get excited.

Images: FOX; Giphy