New S2 'Scream Queen' Clips Reveal Some Spoilers

Listen up, pledges: The sophomore season of Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens premieres on Sept. 20, aka, this month. In between then and now, there's only one thing a fan can do: Catch up on all the Season 2 promos that have been released so far. Specifically, two new Scream Queens clips from the first episode of Season 2 that show the Chanels and Dean Munsch... catching up? I mean, after all the wack events (serial killers dressed as devils, being framed for murder, etc.) that transpired during Season 1, there's no perfect way to define their little reunion, so "catching up" will have to do for now.

In the first clip, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) rolls up to the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, and Billie Lourd) at their lowest. They are "poor and exhausted," knitting, and eating store bought mini pies. Ah, a real fall from grace. It's been two years since the bizarre and terrifying incidents at Wallace University, and the girls are still having a hard time (no one will give them an HBO GO password!). So guess who shows up to lend a helping hand? Munsch. Looking fabulous and powerful as ever, dressed in head to toe black. And you better believe her intentions in recruiting the Chanels to work at her new hospital are anything but pure. There's something much more nefarious at play here. Take a look.

In the clip, Dean Munsch says she wants "redemption" from the Chanels. Specifically, in the form of them enrolling as medical students so they can become employees at her hospital. Why she has a hospital doesn't seem to be that important to anyone right now, but regardless, Chanel Oberlin flat out tells her the idea is insane. Munsch's rebuttal, however, is that the Chanels "have a lot to learn" and that she "wants to help them learn it." Yeah... OK. No one believes that for a second (except for Chanel #5, but it's Chanel #5, what do you expect?) Anyway, I suppose this fills in the blank of "how" the girls end up working for Dean, but not totally the "why." Sure, the Chanels don't have a lot to lose, but still. It's Dean Munsch. They might as well go work for Hester.

In the second clip, we see Munsch sitting down to school the girls on the rules of the hospital, and good news: Zayday (Keke Palmer) makes an appearance. Munsch teaches the Chanels everything they need to know about working at the hospital with a slightly intimidating guide: “Follow the doctors around and observe them. You are not to speak unless spoken to. And under no circumstances are you to tender an opinion." Clearly, those last two will not happen. Once Munsch mentions the word "ghosting," though, everyone has an opinion to offer. Munsch seems to think it means being invisible, while all the Chanels disagree. It's a hilarious quick minute scene that delivers the type of absurd, punchy lines Scream Queens became known for in Season 1.

As for the real reason Dean Munsch decides to bring the Chanels back in her life? No idea — but I guess that's part of the charm in Scream Queens. Eventually the reasons will come back to haunt everyone. Dun dun dun.

Images: FOX