Sean & Catherine Could End Up With A Huge Family

It is always a breath of fresh air when a couple from The Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise actually happens to find true love. A couple that has become the darling of Bachelor Nation is Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, the Season 17 alums who got married and have gone on to become one of the cutest couples ever spawned from the show. This past July, they welcomed their first baby, Samuel Thomas Lowe, and almost immediately, fans were obsessed with the family of three. But something else fans might be wondering is whether Lowe and Giudici want more children?

While I think that they should be left alone to have time to enjoy their new baby, I know that curiosity is always strong, especially with these two being a public couple who fell in love in front of millions of people. For fans, wondering about Lowe and Guidici's family plans is a natural progression after seeing how loving they are with each other, and now, with their new child. Quite frankly, they are absolutely adorable, and in the past, Guidici and Lowe have confessed that they do want to have a very big family, so Samuel might be just the beginning.

Back in 2014, Giudici admitted to Us Weekly that she and Lowe "definitely" wanted children and were thinking about starting to have children in the next year or so. At that point in their life, they were enjoying being married and living their lives away from the cameras.

Fans were itching for the couple to have a Bachelor baby and they spoke candidly about their hopes in March 2015 when Lowe and Giudici visited Extra to talk about his book, For the Right Reasons. They talked about expanding their family, and Guidici told host Cheryl Burke, “I think we’ll probably start trying maybe later in the summer or sometime soon, because I want a lot. I want five kids.”

Fast forward a few months to December 2015, and the couple proudly announced that they were expecting their first child.

Before Samuel was born, Lowe and Giudici spoke to Us Weekly about preparting for their baby and shed some light on how ready they were. Giudici said, “[Lowe] is the most loving and wonderful daddy to our doggies, and I know it will be exponentially better when it’s our own child.”

Aww! Lowe's response was even sweeter. He said, “I’m most looking forward to the challenge of being as good of a father as my dad was, and still is, to me.” From the way they share their love for Samuel, it's easy to tell that no matter how many children these two have, there is definitely going to be a lot of love between them all.