Colourpop's Dusty Rose Edit Is Fall Perfection

by Jessica Thomas

There's nothing Colourpop fans love more than new shades from the cosmetics giant, and Monday's announcement of the Colourpop Dusty Rose fall collection made for a lot of excited fans. Colourpop has been releasing fall-inspired collections over the past several weeks, the most recent being last week's Terracotta fall edit release.

In the brand's Snapchat announcement of the Terracotta collection, Colourpop marketing specialists Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn hinted that there would be more collections coming soon, and they're all themed around fall's most popular shades. Luckily, Monday brought another announcement about the brand's newest collection — Dusty Rose. And the best part? This new collection is coming super soon. Thursday, Sept. 22, to be exact.

The Dusty Rose collection from Colourpop includes seven shades, and some are new while others are repeats from previous collections. The first two lip shades in the collection are Times Square and Viper, both matte shades that appeared in the Labor Day collection. Then, there's two new lip shades — ultra satin lip colors Femme and Barracuda. Finally, the collection includes three new eye shadows as well: Paisley, Brady and Muse.

It's kind of crazy how quickly Colourpop is releasing new shades, but who's complaining? Especially when the shades are as gorgeous as the ones Colourpop came up with. Although there's no official word on what time the brand will release the new shades, we can probably safely assume it'll be at 10 a.m. PT, when all the brand's other releases typically come out.

Here's the pics from the brand's Snapchat, which Pak and Wynn posted today.

Here's all the lip shades. From top to bottom, they're Barracuda, Femme, Viper and Times Square. They're all gorgeous, right?

Here's the full collection. The eye shades, from left to right, are Muse, Brady and Paisley.

Here's a handy graphic with all the shades and names. And luckily, they're coming within the next few days. Can't wait to see what they come out with next.