Megan Fox Could Shake Up 'New Girl' Season 6

by Rosie Narasaki

Megan Fox made major waves during her stint as Reagan on New Girl Season 5. She filled in for Zooey Deschanel during her maternity leave, and quickly became a fan favorite. When we last saw her at the end of last season, she and Nick were headed into the sunset as he joined her on a three-month trip, just as Jess realized that she may actually have lingering feelings for her ex. Depending on your thoughts about Nick and Jess, knowing when Megan Fox will appear in New Girl Season 6 will either give you something to look forward to or an episode to worry about.

Unfortunately, the exact dates of Fox's appearance haven't been announced yet, but Entertainment Weekly reported that she'll be back for a significant arc, lasting up to eight episodes, which should kick off "around midseason." According to the magazine, this delay allows New Girl to work around Fox's pregnancy (she gave birth to her third child in early August). Usually, series go on a brief midseason hiatus in the winter, so it's likely that Fox will appear either shortly before that break in November or December, or show up once the break is over, likely in January. Given where New Girl left off, I think we can safely assume that when she does resurface, Reagan will shake up the whole Nick-Jess dynamic. After all, last time we saw them, Nick was unknowingly shattering Jess' heart as he followed Reagan to New Orleans, so her multiple episodes are sure to bring romantic drama.

But now that we know it'll be at least a couple of months before Reagan returns for Season 6, it's interesting to consider what exactly that time will entail for all the loftmates. How will her absence (and subsequent return) be explained? Will she be dating Nick during that time? My theory is that a simple on again/off again relationship will fit the situation pretty much perfectly — at the start of the season, Reagan and Nick will likely be on an "off" spell, and right when Nick and Jess are about to be "on" again for the first time since Season 3, Reagan will suddenly appear on the scene once more. It would be an interesting way to continue the story, since Jess, who became friends with Reagan, would be struggling with her own feelings for Nick and also whether she should put his relationship with Reagan in jeopardy.

With so much story potential, Fox is a welcome addition to New Girl, and it'll be exciting to see where the season actually handle takes her arc when it begins sometime in the middle of the season.

Images: Adam Taylor/Fox (2)