How To Choose Your Signature Fall Boot

From over-the-knee boots to ankle booties, and styles ranging from casual flats to high stilettos, there are so many choices to make when picking out a new pair of boots for fall. And while having a ton of options can be a good thing, I like to settle on a signature boot style early on in the season. One that best fits with my personal taste, and will get the most playing time from now until the first blooms of spring.

But, how do you make that call? The first step to finding your signature fall boot is deciding which style persona you relate to most. For example, do you find yourself reaching for ‘70s-inspired bohemian fabrics time and time again? Then an easy-to-wear pair of black booties will compliment all your favorite boho pieces. Are you adventurous, and willing to try any style at least once? Add an up to the knee boot to your wardrobe to anchor all of your pieces of flair. To help you find your go-with-everything pair of boots, we've teamed up with Shoe Carnival to round up the best footwear no matter what your style may be. With so many boot styles to choose from this season, there's truly something for everyone. Happy shopping!

The Classics Lover

About You: You love feeling stylish and pulled together. You think trends are inspiring to look at, but tend to stick to what you know: a wardrobe of elevated basics and reliable staples.

The Boots For You: Classic brown ankle booties.

Your Must-Wear Fall Pieces: Stripes, denim, and camel-colored wool. Try pairing your newfound booties with the perfect camel tone overcoat. Chic in an instant!

The Risk Taker

About You: You’ve never met a trend you didn’t want to try immediately, and you pride yourself on beating your friends to the punch. You are the poster child for thinking outside of the box when it comes to personal style.

The Boots For You: High-rise boots. (Shop similar looks here).

Your Must-Wear Fall Pieces: Anything red, leather or leopard. When you’re feeling particularly bold, which is more often than not, try all three pieces together with a pair of up to the knee boots.

The Boho Babe

About You: You’d rather be at a concert or music festival than the coolest club in town, any day of the week. Your wardrobe is equal parts ‘70s-inspired and ’90s glam-rock, and you’ve never met a billowy maxi dress you didn’t love at first sight.

The Boots For You: Ankle booties with an extra dose of hardware.

Your Must-Wear Fall Pieces: Chiffon, shearling and ditsy florals. When it comes to wearing flower prints, go for a dainty garden party rather than the large scale florals of the ‘60s paired with ankle booties.

The Weekender

About You: You covet feeling comfortable in your clothes, above all else. When the work week comes to a close you’re most excited about slipping into your chic, off-duty threads and spending time cozied up on the sofa.

The Boots For You: Short, shearling boots.

Your Must-Wear Fall Pieces: Bandana print, cable knit anything, and silk to wear with your shearling boots. The latter could be in the form of a sleek dress or a decadent pajama set—you decide.

The Trendsetter

About You: Your friends look to you for cues on what to wear, everywhere. From your best friend’s wedding to the most laid back weekday outing, all eyes are on you.

The Boots For You: Well-heeled navy booties.

Your Must-Wear Fall Pieces: Velvet, metallics, and pleats. For best results, wear each of these opulent fall trends one at a time, and stick to a boot style devoid of hardware to let your bold fall trends take center stage.

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Images: Dawn Foster