19 Plus Size Halloween Costumes In 5x, 6x, & Higher Because Fantasy Has No Size Limit

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is hard for anyone: You have an idea in mind, but it's a process to find the costume that ticks all the boxes. Finding Halloween costumes in 5x, 6x and bigger is a whole different level.

The truth is, finding clothing in extended sizes is always difficult: Fat folks beyond a size 26 are so rarely represented in clothing stores. Add to that fact that Halloween costumes are specialty items, and well, it's out out there for the big and beautiful.

Without tons of options to choose from, there's the risk of walking away feeling uninspired or overspent. Sure, you could make the costume yourself, but having the resources, time, and skills to manage that is a privilege that not all can afford. Things start to get really dicey if you don't plan ahead — if you've ever gotten stuck searching for a costume the day before Halloween, you know the stress feels all too well.

So for the 5X/6X peeps who still want to kill it on Halloween anyways, here's a list gathered from the furthest corners of the internet, a collection of costumes that include 5X, 6X, and beyond. The best part? Most of them won't cost you your entire fall wardrobe budget, and they're anything but boring and basic.

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1. Adorable Bat

Women's Cozy Bat Costume (Available up to 5X), $65, Amazon

This bat costume is made from 100 percent polyester fleece, has a center-front zipper and faux fur lining the hood. If you're worried about being cold on Halloween, this is a great option — and of course, the ears and wings make it super cute.

2. Mermaid

Fitted Mermaid Dress (Available to size 30), $60, Torrid

Though you might relate more to Ursula than Ariel, this super cute mermaid dress from Torrid is to die for. This costume is one you can wear again and again with different makeup and accessories, just to be sure you get your money's worth.

3. Pink Ladies

Grease Pink Ladies Jacket (Available to 7x), $35, Amazon

The Pink Ladies costume is the perfect Halloween outfit for groups or for those who just aren't that into dressing up. All it really requires is this jacket and some leggings: You can fulfil the basic requirements for a costume without making too much effort or feeling uncomfortable.

4. Angel

White Fairy Angel Costume (Available to 9x), $65, sanctuarie-net.stores.yahoo.net

Cheap, cute and available up to a size 9x, this is the perfect costume for anyone looking to get all the elements in one go.

5. Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona Shrek Costume (Available to 9x), $49, Amazon

Shrek is one of the best films ever. Fact. So why not dress up as one of the few animated plus size princess we've ever seen, Princess Fiona?

6. Sally

Sally Skellington Dress (Available to 6x), $55, Torrid

Cover a friend/partner/chill stranger in white face paint and reenact one of the best Halloween films of all time: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

7. Baseball Player

League Of Their Own Costume (Available to 7x), $70, Amazon

This super cute Halloween costume is a great excuse to carry a baseball bat around with you all night to threaten creeps with. (Disclaimer: Don't actually threaten people, that may end badly.)

8. Unicorn

Lavender & Pastels Unicorn Plus Size (up to 9x), $145, Amazon

This is the perfect option for anyone who believes in unicorns — it's a set that comes with a crushed velvet, candy-colored dress, a colorful tail, and a unicorn horn complete with ears. It's also machine-washable, so you can use it again and again!

9. Harley Quinn

Daddy's Lil Monster Tee (up to 5x), $35, Amazon

If you're a little more low-key about Halloween, this T-shirt paired with a bomber jacket and some bright makeup will be more than enough to pull off a believable Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Just call everyone puddin', or pair it with this wig.

10. Pirate

Caribbean Pirate Costume (Available to 7x), $70, Amazon

Hey, you were warned! This costume definitely feels more like cosplay than your standard Halloween costume and is perfect for those who don't subscribe to the Mean Girls philosophy of slutty Halloween wear.

11. A Fawn

Cozy Fawn Costume (up to size 5x), $50, Amazon

This is another warm option for those who don't like to be freezing when going out on Halloween — it's a fleece zip-up dress with a cozy hood that has ears and antlers on it. Pair it with tights and boots, and you're good to go!

12. Flapper

Red Flapper Costume (Available to 9x), $79, Amazon

A sassy little throwback costume that will get you noticed, this outfit would be great for dancing and awesome after Halloween for any '20s themed parties you're attending.

13. Good Witch

Try: Pink Witch Costume, $70, Amazon

That moment when a costume store can't straight up say the character name because of copyright: Here's an amazing "pink witch" costume that is in no way affiliated with The Wizard Of Oz — wink, wink.

14. Marilyn Monroe

Try: Marilyn Costume, $27, Amazon

This amazing Marilyn Monroe costume will have you looking like one of America's greatest icons. Bonus points if you find a grate to pose over for your profile pic.

15. Minnie Mouse

Vintage Summer Dress (up to 5x), $20, Amazon

Although it's not strictly being sold as a Minnie Mouse dress, this is definitely an easy way to be a rockabilly Minnie Mouse — just add some ears and white gloves, and you'll also want to wear the dress for years to come.

16. Cave Woman

Cave Woman Costume (Available to 9x), $55, Amazon

A classic Halloween costume but a good one. If you happen to get so rowdy on Halloween that you can't even speak, you can totally claim it as a characterization for your costume.

17. Red Queen

Try: Red Queen Costume, $40, Amazon

Be it an Alice In Wonderland reference or a more current Alice Through The Looking Glass costume, this outfit leaves you with loads of room to go all out with your Halloween makeup.

18. Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat Costume (Available to 8x), $50, Amazon

Or if you're not feeling particularly evil this Halloween, but still big headed, this Cheshire Cat costume is too cute.

19. Princess Leia

Try: Star Wars Princess Leia Costume, $50, Amazon

Get this costume for Halloween and keep it to fulfil your partner's nerd-boy Star Wars fantasy. It's a win, win!

Whether you're being roped into dressing up this Oct. 31 or you genuinely look forward to fancy dress every year, you have to admit these costumes are pretty cool. You can buy the full set and get all your Halloween shopping done in one go, or go for a simple costume that you can jazz up yourself: Either way, you're going to look great.

Images: Courtesy Brands