Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Are Almost BFF

by Nicole Pomarico

As a longtime fan of both Parks & Rec and literally anything involving The Hunger Games, I was pretty excited when I found out that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are starring in Passengers together. A sci-fi love story that takes place on a spaceship that may be doomed and the opportunity to look at two of my favorite actors for a couple of hours? Done. And after the trailer for Passengers debuted Tuesday, it was hard to deny that these two have serious chemistry — enough to make me think they could be hanging out off screen, too. So are Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt friends in real life, or are they just really good actors?

The answer: Both. Although they hadn't met before they started filming the movie, it definitely sounds like they've become close after playing each other's love interests on screen. And it's not like that comes as a surprise, either — they're both funny, talented people who have found major blockbuster success, so they already had a few things in common. And while working long hours in close proximity can be enough to make anybody sick of who they're working with, that's not the case this time. Even though it's hard to find evidence they've spent any time together off set, it sounds like the time they have spent together only helped their friendship grow.

According to Vanity Fair, Pratt talked about meeting Lawrence and getting comfortable enough to film love scenes with her during a panel with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, and it sounds like they hit it off right away. Although, if you ask me, that isn't too surprising, since they both seem like people who would be pretty easy to get along with. He said:

"As we were working together, because we are essentially the only two people in the movie, as we were working together in Atlanta, we just became fast friends. And we bonded over a mutual love of Dumb & Dumber. Just like jokes and life.”

And as for how Lawrence feels about Pratt? It's all mutual. When she talked to Entertainment Weekly about working with him last year, she had nothing but positive things to say.

“Pratt is a bag of gummie bears. He is cotton candy in human form. He’s always in a good mood! He always has energy. The other day I got mad at him because he’s only positive. It was four a.m. and we had been working for 15 hours straight. I walk into the studio and Pratt has his phone in the air and is playing music and dancing around."

They may not have been BFFs before their paths crossed professionally, but now that they've met, I have a feeling this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And if not? Passengers will make up for the rest. Is it December yet?!