Here's Why Your Boyfriend Hates Double Dates

Whether you love them or hate them, double dates are a time-tested way to integrate your friends and their partners into you and your partner's life. A new BuzzFeed video attempts to explain why some boyfriends hate double dates with their girlfriends, and the answer is probably because they can be awkward AF.

Despite the gendered dimension to this video, I'd wager that your gender has nothing to do with how fond you are of paired hangs. First of all, there's always one person in a couple who is better matched: like when you're hanging out with your S.O.'s oldest friend and they get to go off into their bestie world while you and their new squeeze are trying to make halting small talk. Or when you and your former college roommate start reminiscing about inside jokes and you can feel your partner and her partner just struggling to join in your time-tested tete a tete. Sometimes, the worst thing of all happens, and the couple you're with start to get into a fight and you're stuck taking in the carnage while pretending its all NBD.

In short? A good double date requires the perfect match of personalities to succeed, but when it does happen, there are few things more fun. Check out the video below:

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube