Amanda Knox Is Still Fighting For Justice

As many people know, back in 2007, Amanda Knox was a 20-year-old American studying abroad in Italy. On Nov. 2 of that year, the body of Knox's roommate, Meredith Kercher, was discovered in the apartment they shared. Knox was charged with her murder, and was ultimately sentenced to 26 years in an Italian prison. Knox was eventually acquitted and freed after spending nearly four years behind bars; she maintains her innocence to this day. So after having a good portion of her youth spent dealing with the charges and in prison, where is Amanda Knox now?

After being acquitted of the murder in 2011, Knox returned to the U.S. at the age of 24. In 2013, another retrial of Kercher's murder was held with Knox as a defendant, and though she was represented, she was not present in Italy for the trial. In January of 2014, despite no new forensic evidence, Knox was again found guilty of murdering Kercher. The case was appealed by Knox's lawyers, and in March of 2015, Knox was fully exonerated by Italy's Supreme Court of Cassation, which noted a number of errors in Knox's previous trials. So even though Knox has been out of prison for awhile, she's only really been free to live her life for one year.

In 2013, Knox published a memoir telling her side of the story, Waiting to Be Heard, where she recounts the entire ordeal from her arrival in Italy to her acquittal. The following year, Knox started a job as a columnist for her hometown paper, the West Seattle Herald — a job she still holds today. Her most recent article, published on Sept. 19 of this year, is about the rituals people hold when a loved one dies. Now 29, she also has become an advocate for justice, specifically for the falsely accused. Her Twitter account often calls attention to cases for which she feels justice appears not to have been served, and her website has a section dedicated to her public speaking on the subject.

The events of Kercher's murder and Knox's ensuing ordeal can be seen in the new Netflix documentary that bares Knox's name. She has managed to move on with her life since the tragedy, and now she's trying to make sure that injustice doesn't happen to anyone else.