This ‘GG’ Revival Pic About Dean Is Telling

by Emily Lackey

Early warning: Even though this is sort of about Rory's first love Dean in Gilmore Girls, if you are a Dean and Rory fan, you're probably not going to like this. Sure, the latest Gilmore Girls revival picture is a major throwback to the moment these two characters first met — but, as much as Team Dean fans might be celebrating its existence (like, Dean finally got some attention, I guess?), it also seems like one big reminder of the fact that Dean was a total bore fest. Don't get me wrong — I say that with all due respect for Dean and the role that he played in Rory’s life. Still, I think we can all admit to ourselves that deep down, no matter what Rory and Dean’s relationship represented, a guy like Dean was never going to make a girl like Rory happy.

Um, remember Season 1, Episode 14, "That Damn Donna Reed"? That was the one that sealed the deal for me, especially when Dean talked about how nice he thought it was that Donna Reed had dinner on the table and ready by the time her husband came home. Of course, Rory and Lorelai were appalled, but that was about it. There were other signs too that these two were not made to last, too: Dean was way too controlling when Jess was around, he cheated on his wife thing with her, and whereas Jess used to read the same books as Rory, Dean used to watch Rory read books without ever reading them himself. He was just... simple. Rory doesn't need simple — she was attracted to Jess and Logan for a reason.

That said, I have to commend the Gilmore Girls Instagram page for capturing this aspect of Dean's personality so perfectly. This is a deeply simple photo, which is perfect for Dean.

I mean, look at it. If this is the one image that was posted to honor their relationship, it’s pretty telling: It’s a picture of books that Rory read while she was with Dean, and smack dab in the middle of that row of books is a big ol’ box of cornstarch. The cornstarch is likely a nod to the time Dean kissed Rory at Doose's and she ended up stealing a box of cornstarch, but still. This was literally their relationship, and that was it.

Plus, compare this picture to the one that came before: A picture of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, opened to a page with Jess’ handwriting in the margins for Rory. All Dean ever did was watch Rory read. He never participated in that passion with her. But what did Jess do? He read just as passionately and widely as she did. He even wrote notes in the margins.

In short, this picture is really a perfect reminder that Rory and Dean may have shared some cute moments and fond memories, but their relationship was safe, bland, and quiet for a reason: It was their first love, and they were young. Now,they're not those kids anymore, and they'll never be those kids again — their relationship has run its course. And even Netflix seems to know that.

Image: Warner Bros. Television