Onions Might Be The Answer To Your Brow Woes

by Madison Alcedo

You probably know that chia seeds and coconut oil are good for your skin and hair, but did you know onions can also benefit your follicle growth too? The myths you've heard are true: onions can help your hair grow faster. The juice of this fragrant vegetable can not only help your strands become stronger, but it can also help prevent hair loss and breakage. L.A.-based celebrity brow stylist Nikki Amini (or more commonly known as Brows By Nikki) swears by the power of onion juice and often tells her clients to use it on their eyebrows to help them grow faster and thicker.

"Onion juice has sulfur which speeds up the growth of hair and makes it thicker," Amini tells me over email. Not only is the juice from onions good for hair growth, but actually consuming onions in your diet can be beneficial for your hair health too. Onion juice can prevent greying and dandruff because the sulfur in onions speeds up blood circulation to the scalp as well as the amount of collagen, which supports the production of new hair, according to the Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association.

The process is simple. According to Amini, all you have to do is "extract the onion juice, apply it [through] the entire brow, and leave it on for 30 minutes." If the onion juice scent is a bit much, light a candle or open the windows. "Don't let the strong smell scare you off — this method works, and it works well."

If you don't have a juice extractor, you can always use a blender or food processor to juice the onion. Amini also says that you have to use the onion juice at least four to five times a week for at least two months minimum in order to see results. So, if you've been looking for a way to ramp up your brows without having to color them in everyday, onion juice might be the next beauty hack you should try, no matter how weird it may sound (or smell)!

I'll use onion juice every day to get brows like that (of course Amini's brow touch helps as well!)

If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can see Amini for yourself at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills.

Images: browsbynikki/Instagram