An Amber Rose x Missguided Collaboration Is Coming & Here’s What We Know

HBIC and confidence-exuding #queen Amber Rose has a new gig, and it's everything we never knew we needed: The badass female entrepreneur is the newly appointed "Babe of Misguided" (yes, that's her actual title), which means an Amber Rose x Missguided collaboration is coming. Soon.

Let's all take a second to appreciate the fact that sometime soon, there will be a line of clothing that will help us all feel as confident, sexy and amazing as Amber Rose. F*ck. Yes.

The "How To Be A Bad Bitch" author is the perfect choice for a collaboration with Missguided because both she and the brand have a shared mission of being bold, sexy and body positive. As the company's website puts it, "With her confidence, empowering nature and no f*cks given philosophy, she embodies everything it means to be a Babe of Missguided."

Honestly, it's crazy that it took this long for such a perfect collaboration to happen. Rose is the poster girl for what it means to be a confident woman in 2016 — shaved head and all — and her IDGAF attitude is perfectly exuded in all of the gorgeous, attention grabbing items in the collection.

I think at this point we can all agree: It's Amber Rose's world and the rest of us are just living in it.

Based on the ad campaign, which was released on Tuesday, the Amber Rose x Missguided looks like it will be filled with bodysuits, metallic body-con dresses and sexy, feminine statement pieces like including a baby-pink feather bolero.

Through yet another kick-ass venture (you know, besides her emojis, her book and her ever-inspiring "Slut Walk"), Amber Rose has proven that she is so, so much more than just "Kanye West's ex-girlfriend" or a "former stripper." She is officially an entrepreneur killing the game (as if we didn't know that already), and all I can say is, "Slay, girl."

The collection is marked as "Coming Soon" on Missguided's website, though there is sadly no official word yet as to when the line will be available for purchase.

In the meantime, you can embrace your inner Amber Rose (which, by the way, we all should) by living some of her "Power Commandments" for #slaying at life — my personal favorites include: Take time out of every day to relax, Don't take life too seriously and make sure to keep it playful in the bedroom.

And of course, find someone that treats you like the queen you are

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Images: Courtesy of MissGuided