6 Easy 2016 Halloween Costumes You Can Make With T-Shirts You Likely Already Own — PHOTOS

The ultimate mark of a good Halloween costume, IMO, is that it's easy and cheap. Going out and dropping piles of cash and hours of effort on an outfit I'll wear for three evenings at most just isn't my style (but if it's yours, I genuinely admire your enthusiasm). I'm also quite lazy when it comes to dressing up for any occasion, so if I can wear a T-shirt and look like I made some sort of effort... well, that's pretty much my dream come true.

Luckily for you, me, and everyone else who prefers to do Oct. 31 the low-effort way, there are plenty of highly relevant costumes for 2016 that can be made out of literally just a tee. Seriously, shoutout to Stranger Things for giving us the easiest Halloween inspo ever. Plus, arguably the best part about these types of costumes is that you'll definitely wear them again. Who doesn't like a good jeans-and-tee combo?

Of course, you can gussy the look up with some key accessories and cheap makeup (we certainly did a bit of that for the photos below) but ultimately you could get away with just popping the top on and walking out the door.

1. A Ghost

Hanes White Crew Neck Tee, 3 for $8.44, amazon.com

Throwing a sheet with eye holes over your whole body would save time on makeup, but this version of the costume cliche makes consuming deliciously spooky beverages easier. As for that aforementioned makeup, a little powder and some smudgey black liner is all you need.

2. Kylie Jenner

Yeezus Tour Kanye West Reaper Vintage Style Tee, $14.24, amazon.com

While a Yeezy tee will probably make you most instantly recognizable (especially paired with killer makeup), Kylie Jenner is all about any black, graphic top. Over-the-knee boots are awesome if you have 'em, but Jenner gets down with a good pair of kicks just as often.

3. Eleven From Stranger Things

50/50 Crewneck T-Shirt, $20, americanapparel.com

Honor the memory of that kind hamburger man who first befriended Elle when she arrived in Hawkins with her yellow tee look. Bonus: You'll have delicious waffles handy throughout the night.

4. Pikachu

7 Color Professional Makeup Kit, $6.52, amazon.com

If you have two Halloweekend parties to attend, you can reuse your yellow tee to go as the other mass cultural phenomenon in 2016: Pokémon Go. Some cheap yellow costume makeup can give you Pikachu's signature yellow glow, but you could make things even simpler by just going heavy handed on your blush.

5. Chuckie Finster From Rugrats

Soffee Men's Classic 100% Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt, $9.72, amazon.com

If '90s nostalgia is hitting you hard, try going as a beloved cartoon character. A simple blue shirt, some green shorts, and big glasses will get the point across, but if you're feeling extra ambitious you can draw Chuckie's signature Saturn logo onto some paper and tape it to your torso.

6. A Cat

Hanes Men's 2 Pack X-Temp Performance T-Shirt, $11.31, amazon.com

Who cares if "cat" is a cliche costume?! It's easy, effective, and timelessly stylish. Plus cat ears are like, a dollar.

May your Halloween be scary lazy, everyone.

Images: Hannah Burton/Bustle; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle