Bitter Lace Beauty Halloween Highlighter Swatches Will Get You Ready To Plan A Costume — PHOTOS

If you thought this company's rainbow highlighter was awesome, then just wait until you see what's next. Bitter Lace Beauty created Halloween highlighters that are like nothing you've seen before. Everything from the colors to the way they are presented in the pan is unique. Just one look at swatches of Bitter Lace Beauty's Halloween Highlighters will get you ready to plan your costume.

Fall is officially here, and while some beauty brands are skipping right to the holiday season with Christmas-y launches, one indie brand is making the most of All Hallows Eve. You might remember the brand Bitter Lace Beauty from the rainbow highlighter that the Internet went crazy over, but now they're onto some even better, if you can believe it. They have slowly been rolling out Halloween themed highlighters that are absolutely adorable.

Each of the four creations has a different Halloween-y pattern across the top of the powder to go with the theme. You could just as easily wear them as eyeshadows too, if you're not into unconventional highlight colors. The first new creation is called Hocus Pocus. It's made of green, red, and purple shimmer and has a spider web printed across the pan. I never would have paired these colors together, but I have to admit that it's absolutely gorgeous.

If you think this is good, just wait until you see the swatches. You can either mix the colors all together or do one bold stripe to show off the four.

How cool is that! Not into such bright? Well, maybe The Next Supreme is more up your ally. It's a bright pop of silver that would rival any of the high-end brands out there. It looks super dark in the pan, but when it's swatched out you can see that it's actually a bright, almost holographic purple.

The Next Supreme would looks gorgeous dotted on the inner corners of the eye if it's too much for you on the cheeks, but if you have a deeper skintone you can definitely pull it off as a highlight.

Next is Toothache. It's name is totally appropriate. It's more of a traditional highlight than some of the others. It would also make a great fall eyeshadow trio, too.

This is my personal favorite. It's a little bit more subtle, but still packs a serious punch.

So pretty! It's completely different from the last one, which is the spookiest of them all.

Last, but definitely not least, is Slay. The name is pretty appropriate, if you ask me. It a silver and red powder that actually looks great mixed together.

According to the company's Instagram posts, it looks like these will launch sometime in October. Bustle has reached out to the brand for comment on an official release date. Halloween can't come soon enough!

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