When Will JJD's New Kittenish Pieces Come Out? You Won't Have To Wait Long — PHOTOS

If you're a fan of country star/designer/all-around rock star Jessie James Decker, chances are you're also familiar with her clothing line. JJD's clothing line, Kittenish, is crazy popular with her fans, and you can't really blame them. So when Decker posted on Instagram about her Kittenish fall collection, I had to pay attention.

Just a few weeks ago, Decker and Kittenish came out with their first fall collection, a super wearable collection of cozy sweaters, luxe leggings and football-themed apparel (which is natural considering her husband is New York Jets player Eric Decker). Luckily for all Kittenish fans, the brand announced on Instagram just a few days ago that there's more coming in the Kittenish fall collection. The caption of a photo of a gorge blue and white dress read "This sexy number along with many others launching this Friday." That's right, there'll be new pieces from JJD this week, and they're launching this Friday, Sept. 23 at noon ET. Another Instagram read that Kittenish will be taking preorders with plans for everything to ship by Oct. 10. Just in time for fall weather, am I right?

So what's Decker and her Kittenish team come up with now? I think you're going to like the looks.

This blue and white dress is a total winner, and the long sleeves make it fall-appropriate.

How fun is this chunky knit beanie? It'll be perfect for chilly weather.

These fun knee socks (and requisite Kittenish shirts) look like they're coming Friday as well. They're perfect for tucking into boots — and wearing with a pair of Kittenish leggings, of course.

Even Decker got in on the action, posting a pic of her wearing some of the pieces from the fall collection.

Faux Leather Shorts, $49.99, kittenish.com

It looks like these adorable leather shorts are already available to order on the Kittenish website, but I'm hoping the rest of Decker's outfit will be available starting Friday. And if these pieces are any indication, there are going to be a lot of choices for Decker's fans and fashionistas to choose from.

Image: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram; Kittenish