The Weeknd Cut His Hair & Parted Ways With His Signature Dreadlocks — PHOTOS

I never thought I would live to see this day. The Weeknd cut his hair, getting rid of the signature dreadlocks he's been rocking for quite some time. Wednesday, The Weeknd shared a few photos of his new haircut on his instagram, after deleting the rest of his photos on the social platform.

The Weeknd's haircut is part of a bigger rebrand as he prepares to release his next album Starboy , which is the exact reason he cut his hair — to keep things fresh in exciting in lieu of his next record. In fact, the first image he shared was the artwork for his upcoming album, which he plans to release in the next few weeks, according to Us Weekly.

The Weeknd has been out of the public eye for a bit, and now we know why! He was hiding his fresh new haircut. GQ also pointed out that in his recent feature with VMAN , he was wearing a hood in all of the photos, making me think that he has had this new hair for at least a few months.

I wonder what Bella Hadid thinks of his new look? I'm assuming she loves it, because let's face it, he looks pretty great.

I bet he doesn't even miss his dreads when his new hair looks this good.

Can't wait to listen to Starboy.

He looks so good. OK, fangirling over (for now).