Lee Brings Her Daughter To The 'AHS: Roanoke' House & Twitter Is Very Displeased

As with every season of American Horror Story, the characters need a reason to stay in the house, but why, oh why would you introduce your child into a terrible situation? Well, that's exactly what Lee did on American Horror Story when she brought her daughter Flora to the frightening Roanoke home during the second episode of Season 6. If that wasn't bad enough, Lee than reintroduced her 8-year-old daughter back to the house where she had already started talking to imaginary friends (aka ghosts, aka her new friend Priscilla). Sheesh, where is good parenting on American Horror Story when you need it?

The former police officer Lee doesn't have full custody of her child, based on her substance abuse, and while I can understand wanting to see your child, why would you want to bring her to a legitimate haunted house? Even if Shelby, Matt, and Lee haven't accepted that their home is indeed haunted, they at least know there is an angry mob of mountain men threatening them. But, Lee still let her ex Mason bring her young daughter to the remote home, where Lee promised she'd keep a good eye on her.

Obviously, Lee is a hot mess since the moment after Adina Porter (the "real" Lee) said she'd keep an eye on Flora, Angela Bassett (the dramatic reenactment Lee) walked away from her. Of course, Flora immediately befriended an entity in the home — you know, just her friend in the closet, Priscilla — and don't you think for one moment that Twitter didn't notice this terrible parenting.

While you thought Flora would be safe once Mason returned since he took her away from this absurd house, Lee fell off the wagon and decided to kidnap her daughter after a drunken night. The last moments of the Sept. 21 episode showed Flora missing and her yellow coat high up in a tree outside, so there's a good chance that Flora was captured by the Roanoke colonists who wear those bonnets Priscilla was talking about and worst — torture people. So Lee is most likely going to find out the very hard way just a bad parenting choice she made and Twitter will be able to sit back and say, "I told you so."

Image: FX