Where's Evan Peters On 'AHS: Roanoke'? His Absence Is Definitely Noticed

Between the made-for-TV documentary flashes and the eerie reenactment, it's safe to say that a lot is going on during American Horror Story: Roanoke . However, there's one person in particular whose presence is sorely missed on the series, to the point where it's starting to make me a little nervous. So, I say this with as much restraint as possible, but for the love of all that is good and holy, Ryan Murphy, where is Evan Peters on AHS: Roanoke ? His absence is painstakingly noticeable and we're already halfway through the second episode.

The good thing is that we know Peters is part of the Season 6 cast, according to The Wrap, so he's definitely going to show up eventually. But I was just kinda of hoping that he'd be in as many episodes as possible, you know? His Mr. March character was just so well done, I'm eager to see what new portrayal he's about to take on. Will he, like Lady Gaga, appear to be one of the Lost Colony members who stand alongside Kathy Bates or does he evolve into the storyline in some other way? Heck, it's even hard to predict whether he'll be in the documentary portion of the narrative or in the reenactment.

Regardless of who he is, though, my patience only goes so far and I think many diehard AHS fans can relate to me on this. Peters was in pretty much every single episode of both Murder House and Asylum. Since then, his presence has felt a little less prominent. I'm hoping Season 6 will help to break that unfortunate pattern, but so far the odds aren't looking too great. Come back to us, Evan! We miss you and need you back into our lives ASAP!