This Is A Hilarious Hillary Clinton Chyron

Last night, Hillary Clinton sat down with Zach Galifianakis. It was a great interview, but this hilarious chyron from Between Two Ferns stole the show.

The entire interview was essentially a cheeky bid to win some more millennial voters, and it paid off well for Clinton. For the majority of it, she blinked slowly to Galifianakis' ridiculous questions and interrupted him with curt but sarcastic responses. One of the funnier moments on the show though was a chyron that introduced Clinton to the viewers: "Hilary Clinton, Had pneumonia." The wrong spelling of her name is a pretty hilarious troll, too.

In the new episode of the web comedy show, it seemed like Clinton wasn't trying too hard to be likable or funny — she just was. She joked about what she might wear to the debates starting next Monday, Donald Trump's "power red tie," and Chelsea Clinton's friendship with Ivanka Trump. When host Galifianakis asked her how many words she can type as a secretary and if Obama likes his coffee like himself ("weak?"), Clinton was quick to shut it down: "You know, Zach, those are really outdated questions, you need to get out more."

The entire interview was a clever way to turn criticism of Clinton's dry persona on its head, but the chyron was a funny troll on the recent news cycle coverage of Clinton's health.

A few nights before, Clinton appeared on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show and was asked pretty lighthearted questions — Fallon even handed her a bag of actual softballs at one point. But Galifianakis' interview with Clinton actually got to talk about something serious: the Trans Pacific Partnership and how she's not "down with it." So Galifianakis gets some credit for actually asking her some pretty hard questions against the more ridiculous ones like, "When you see how well it works for Trump, do you ever to yourself, 'Maybe I should be racist?'"

Fallon was heavily criticized for his interview with Trump recently, where the most memorable thing he did was ruffle the Republican nominee's hair. The media coverage and the election cycle itself has been crazy, and it's obviously fun to watch presidential candidates relax and be funny on TV. Clinton and Galifianakis get kudos for not only being hilarious, but also for just trolling the entire media rhetoric around the election itself.