Caitlyn Jenner Made A 'Transparent' Cameo

It was announced in April that Caitlyn Jenner would have a cameo in Transparent Season 3. Since then, people wondered how exactly this "dream come true" (in creator Jill Soloway's words) appearance would come to be. Would Jenner become an ally of Maura's in some way or perhaps show up in a surprise flashback? Well, having now watched Transparent's third season in its entirety, I can confirm that neither of those scenarios are accurate. Season 3 spoilers ahead. Jenner's cameo comes in the form of a hallucination during Ali's trip to the dentist office in Episode 3. After being given a generous amount of laughing gas, the youngest Pfefferman sibling experiences a wild dream-like sequence that features Jenner, goddess worshiping, and Wheel of Fortune.

I can't entirely do to the description justice, so you'll definitely have to experience the trippy montage for yourself, but it'll definitely change the way you think about going to the dentist office, which is normally viewed as somewhat terrifying. But for Ali it becomes almost therapeutic in helping her to find inner-peace in the presence of strong, female icons. (Feminist playwright and poet Ntozake Shange also pops up in the sequence.) Transparent isn't the first show to feature a dentist-prompted dream sequence. Glee used the method during their Britney Spears episode to showcase students' dream-fueled Spears performances.

But, as much as I genuinely love the unique way Jenner was incorporated into the narrative, I can't help but wish it had lasted a bit longer or had allowed Jenner to directly interact with the Pfefferman family. I feel like she and Maura would've gotten along really well. But, then again, who I am to question what has proven to be fantastic storytelling time and time again? Funnily enough, Episode 3 wasn't the only time Jenner made an appearance. In Episode 2 a clip of her E! show I Am Cait was playing on the television screen, which perhaps explains why she later popped up in Ali's subconscious. Although the moment was brief, it was cool to see Transparent highlight the Olympian and reality star in the unique dream sequence.