Da'Vonne Says Living With Paulie Was "Difficult" During 'Big Brother 18' Jury & Their Drama Lives On

All throughout this season of Big Brother , Da'Vonne and Paulie fought. There was never going to be a scenario where these huge personalities didn't clash, and, when they did clash, it was nothing short of explosive. Da'Vonne made it clear that she had no interest in dealing with Paulie's antics or opinions and wasn't afraid to confront him. Da'Vonne and Paulie's jury house fights made for some of the most electric scenes of the entire season. In an interview with Bustle after the finale, Da'Vonne makes it clear that the Paulie drama is no closer to an end. "[His attitude is] for the cameras," she claims. "That frustrated me so much ‘cause I know it’s for the cameras. I know Paulie's not really about that life, but, you know, he tried to pretend and put on his character for the cameras. That’s fine, do you. Bye."

Da'Vonne also says living with Paulie was "difficult" for her. "What he would do was all through the week he would throw little hints out, just do little things and then when the cameras would come on Fridays, he would just show out," she claims. "Like try to get a rise out of me and Bridgette. Enough was enough. It never calmed down. It always stayed up."

Paulie disagrees, telling Bustle, "I tried to keep myself away from the drama [in the jury house] as much as possible. I tried to stay logical in all the conversations I had, but people still had some emotions from the game. It’s hard to separate the game from reality. I was able to do that."

Although Da'Vonne and others had some pretty harsh criticism for Paulie, it seems that Paulie wouldn't change a thing about his performance this season. "I regret nothing that was said or done in the house," he says. "People are gonna love me, people are gonna hate me. That’s just the way of the world. Over it. YOLO. I live my life the way I live my life."

The season may be over, but the drama between Paulie and Da'Vonne seems to live on.

Additional reporting by Taylor Ferber.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS, Giphy