Unique 'Game of Thrones' Costume Ideas

by Courtney Lindley

HBO's Game of Thrones might be on hiatus right now, but that doesn't mean you can't pay your respects during its break. Thankfully, Halloween happens to be the perfect way to do that. It also happens to be right around the corner, so win-win. But why just dress up as any old character from Game of Thrones? Oh that's right. You don't have to. Enter: unique Game of Thrones costume ideas for the more discerning fan.

If you're feeling like you want to stand out from the crowd (which will most likely be overpopulated with Khaleesis and Cersei Lannisters), then maybe step your game up by fashioning a costume for the lesser known GoT characters. Or try putting a twist on one of the more popular ones. I'm not implying in any way, shape, or form that Game of Thrones costumes are overdone (there is no limit, really) but if you want to honor George R. R. Martin and the HBO series counterpart this Halloween, why not go a different route than everybody else? It might take a little more planning and thinking, but it's totally doable, and anyone who's a true GoT fan will respect your creativity.

The options are pretty much endless, but to start, check out some different GoT costume ideas you can wear for Halloween 2016 below.

A White Walker

They're creepy. They're strange. And if you've got the makeup skills, you can totally recreate their look in costume form. For clothing, you can either get some plain clothes and paint over them, or procure a skeleton bodysuit. Then, carry around a toy sword that you can spray paint white and wrap twine around. Make sure to practice not speaking, but staring at others with a nefarious look instead.

Skeleton Bodycon Dress, $16, Amazon

White Balding Wig, $13, Ebay

Get a creepy wig like this white balding wig for $13 on eBay.

Toy Sword, $8, Amazon

Lastly, here's a toy sword you can decorate with white paint and twine, for $8 from Amazon.

To get some ideas on how to do your makeup, check out the below tutorial.

The Shame Nun

All you need to start is a long-sleeved grey maxi dress. Then, wrap a grey scarf around your head to easily fashion the Nun's head piece. Lastly, carry around a hand bell and make sure to shame anyone and everyone. You are The Shame Nun after all.

Grey Maxi Dress, $18, Amazon

Grey Scarf, $10, Amazon

Hand Bell, $18, Amazon

Old Melisandre

This one doesn't require a lot. To start, pop on a white balding wig (see above) or something similarly scraggly. You probably can't arrive at your party naked, so a nude colored bodysuit would work just fine. To make it even more realistic, paint some blue veins over the suit and your skin. You can even wear Melisandre's choker to make sure people get the reference.

Find a nude colored bodysuit for $26 at American Apparel.

Plus Sized Nude Colored Bodysuit, $17, Discount Dance

Additionally, here's a plus sized nude colored bodysuit option from Discount Dance for $17

Tons of folks on Etsy have replicas of Melisandre's necklace to order in time for the big night. This one is just over 40 bucks.

Watch a makeup tutorial to help you craft the perfect Old Melisandre face below:


This one's pretty easy, and you probably already have most of the stuff in your closet. You'll just need to wear a black turtleneck, a black leather jackets, and some black pants. Then, you'll need to add a Hand of the King pin to make the look final.

Black Turtleneck, $15, Target

This black turtleneck is $15 from Target.

Black Turtleneck, $15, Amazon

And another black turtleneck option for $15, also from Amazon.

Faux Leather Jacket, $40, Target

You can find a faux leather jacket for an affordable price $40 on Target.

Hand Of King Pin, $5, Etsy

A Hand of King Pin can be purchased for $5 on Etsy.


This one will take a lot of DIY-ing, but the end result will be worth it. First, you'll want a plain, olive colored tank top. For bottoms, simply fashion a skirt out of some olive colored fabric. Then, you need to get some grey and green paint. Cover your clothing and exposed areas of your body in the paint, and use a darker color to shadow in some tree veins and branches. Get a a pair of bright green contact lenses, do your hair in an elaborate up-do, with twists, braids, and some fake moss, which you can find at most craft supplies store for just a few bucks. For extra effect, glue on some fake tree branches and vines to your clothing and wrap them around your arms.

Olive Colored Tank Top, $13, Kohl's

Find this olive colored tank top for $13 at Kohl's.

Green Contacts, $20, Trendy Sweet

You can get green contacts from Trendy Sweet for $20

Fake Ivy, $8, Walmart

Finally, find two feet of Fake Ivy for $8 at Walmart.

Arya Stark As A Blind Beggar

First, you'll need to find either a brown poncho, shawl, or blanket to warp yourself in. Then you'll need to distress it by cutting holes in it and ripping it a bit. Get some contacts that will make your eyes appear whited out, and add a wooden bowl as an accessory.

Poncho, $18, Ally Fashion

This poncho's $18 and can be found on Ally fashion.

Poncho, $10, Avenue

Here's another poncho option, from Avenue for $10.

White Contacts, $16, Wish

You can find white contacts for $16 via Wish.

Wooden Bowl, $10, Amazon

Find this wooden bowl for $10 on Amazon.

Jon Snow, Just After He Woke Up

First, get an abs chest plate to wear. Then, cover your whole face and body in light blue paint to appear — er there's no nice way to say this — dead. Next, draw on some lacerations with fake blood. For bottoms? You're going to need a loin cloth. You can buy them online, at costume stores, or you can just cut up a piece of brown fabric and tie it around your waist.

Abs Chest Plate, $10, Amazon

Get this ab chest plate on Amazon for $10.

Loin Cloth, $30, Amazon

Purchase a loin cloth for $30 on Amazon.

Oh, Halloween is certainly coming.

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