Margot Robbie Will Kick Off ‘SNL’ Season 42

Well, I'll be a bowl of puddin', Harley Quinn will be live from New York next Saturday night. On Thursday, NBC announced that Margot Robbie will host the Saturday Night Live Season 42 premiere on Oct. 1. The Suicide Squad star will share the week’s marquee with musical guest the Weeknd. To this news I say the following: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. It is about time the greatest slap-proviser of our generation was given a chance to flex her comedic chops on the 30 Rock stage, no? Like, how has this not happened already?

Now, I don't have access to a crystal ball or anything (and if I did, I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to use it anyway), but something tells me that Robbie will be a most terrific host. Yes, she's talented. Yes, she's charming. But you know what else she has going for her? (You know, aside from being stunningly gorgeous.) She's wickedly funny. And that quality will probably come in handy while she's hosting the iconic sketch comedy series. (And by "probably," I mean "definitely.")

Whether she's brewing a shot of espresso in a Belle Reve cell, co-hosting the 2015 Sci-Tech Awards alongside Miles Teller, explaining some of the key players in the mortgage crisis while lounging in a bathtub, telling Stephen Colbert about how much she loves to tattoo people (oh, and about that one time she made a permanent typo on someone's arm), or defining Australian slang terms, Robbie always brings it.

You want some video proof? Here ya go:

And here's some more:

Oh, what's that? Even more proof?

You want a piece of NSFW proof?

(Seriously though, that uncensored clip from The Wolf of Wall Street is swimming in swear words. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

I cannot wait to watch her bring it on SNL.

Also? If Robbie and Teller hosted next year's, I don't know, MTV Movie Awards or something, I would be beyond delighted.

Image: fosya/tumblr