7 Clever Hillary Clinton Costumes That Capture Her Most Memorable Moments

It's never a bad time to start seriously considering the best choice for your Halloween costume. And with Election Day falling just a short time after Halloween, there may be no better time to pay homage to your candidate of choice than by donning a pantsuit or painfully obvious toupee for the holiday. If you decide to dress like the Democrats on Oct. 31, here's a roundup of some clever Hillary Clinton costumes to get the party started. (And you're likely to get a majority of the candy this way, too.)

Even Clinton has gotten in on the act. On her official campaign site, supporters are encouraged to dress up as her for Halloween. "What's in Hillary's closet?" the site asks. "A lifetime of looks." This lifetime of looks — spanning from Clinton's school days to her time as secretary of state — gives fans of the nominee plenty of options to choose from for their Halloween inspiration.

So forget the terrifying plastic masks you find at the back of Halloween stores' discount sections, and opt for something a little more creative. Who knows — maybe you'll even inspire (or scare) someone to get out the vote come Nov. 4.

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Here are a few of the most clever Clinton costumes for Halloween:

1. The Pantsuit Hillary

Tahari ASL Pantsuit, $210, Macy's

If you're wanting to go classic Clinton, then there's no better option than the pantsuit. The former secretary of state is known for this look, so with the help of a short blonde wig, everyone will immediately recognize who you are.

Hilary Clinton Wig, $16, Amazon

You could try this look from Macy's. Though it's definitely a bit pricey for a Halloween costume, you could put it into your work wardrobe.

2. The Mean Girls Hillary


If you're wanting to go the opposite route and take on the Mean Girls motto regarding Halloween, then, well, there's a costume for that, too (because of course there is).

Hilary Clinton Secretary Of State Costume, $62, Yandy

This costume from Yandy exists if you feel like being the "sexy version" of the former secretary of state. Clinton not doing it for you? There's also a sexy Donald Trump (three words that should never be used in the same sentence and in that order, ever).

Sexy Donald Trump Costume, $72, Yandy

3. Texts From Hillary

Clinton's site suggests that you can dress up as her famous "texts from Hillary" photo with a pair of sunglasses, a black jacket, and a blackberry. While that's totally doable, maybe you want to go the more literal route and just dress up as, well, a phone. With this costume, you could also insert a photo of Clinton texting into the phone's screen.

Adult Cell Phone Costume, $70, Costumish

Blackberry optional.

4. Hippy Hillary

Maybe you're wanting to channel Clinton's days at Wellesley College. Having graduated with the class of '69, a Clinton costume from this era would definitely borrow from a certain hippy aesthetic. You'll just need a white blouse, pair of over-sized glasses, and those wonderfully '60s pants.

These striped pants from ASOS would definitely do the trick.

5. The "Hot Sauce In My Bag" Hillary

Clinton's comment about hot sauce was the faux pas heard 'round the internet, but that doesn't mean you can't borrow inspiration for a costume.

This hot sauce costume may be a bit more literal than some of the others — but who doesn't like Sriracha? Throw on a blonde wig and even carry around your own hot sauce to make it super meta.

6. SNL Hillary


If you want to channel an alternative version of Clinton, you could always go as her "Val" character from the Saturday Night Live sketch she did with Kate McKinnon. You'll just need a white button-up shirt and a black apron.

And as the bartender version of Clinton, no one will think twice if you want to carry around a bottle of liquor with you all night.

7. First Presidential Debate Hillary


Make a statement and crush Trump by wearing Clinton's red power pantsuit for Halloween.

The occasional shimmy is not optional.

While some of these Clinton looks may be a little unconventional, a weird election definitely calls for a weird Halloween costume.

Images via: Macy's; Yandy; Costumeish; ASOS; Amazon; Macy's; Amazon; Belk