Eric Trump Will Likely Be At The Debate

The first presidential debate is finally here as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump have prepared to take the stage Monday night, Sept. 26. For the first time in this election process, Clinton and Trump will appear together in a debate to discuss the future of the country and how they will approach the most important issues facing the nation. With this highly anticipated debate kicking off the season for face-to-face presidential banter, will Eric Trump be at the first debate? Trump's son has been very present on the campaign trail thus far.

Trump's son Eric has spent some time in the last few months discussing his father's bid for the White House, while also offering some idea of what we might expect from his father during the upcoming debates. Eric noted that he attended every single one of the Republican primary debates, so we should definitely expect to see him at the first presidential debate.

Eric spoke with Fox's Kilmeade & Friends about his father's preparation for the debates, noting that he has done so by "talking to really, really smart people." He added: "His way of debating is speaking to those people, the people who are the best and brightest on every respective subject matter and that’s how he debates."

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Eric has made many appearances on the campaign trail, especially in recent months as he has often served as a buffer for some of his father's remarks. He has shown up time and again in defense of his father — most notably during Trump's feud with the Khan family following the Democratic National Convention. He said on behalf of his father: "I mean, you see anybody who dies for their nation, dies for the three of us at this table, made the ultimate sacrifice, but you know for my father, in terms of the Kahn family, it's not about a soldier — who's an amazing guy."

Eric also made a recent appearance on Fox News' Hannity to speak about how his father will approach foreign policy, as Clinton has essentially "destroyed the Middle East," he said. While The Donald will be debating on the stage on Monday night with his children standing by in support, it's often his family doing similar debate work off-stage with their TV appearances and the rallies they attend. Eric has been a key figure in his father's campaign thus far, so we can expect to see him at Monday night's presidential debate.