14 Yolanda Quotes From 'RHOBH' To Remember Her By

There will be a little piece missing in all of our hearts when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for Season 7 without Yolanda Hadid to dispense her brutal little pearls of wisdom through the TV set. She's the unapologetic voice of reason that we need in this world, and I couldn't imagine going on without her, frankly. So, I decided not to by distracting myself with Yolanda quotes to remember her by. This way, I can read them and pretend like our four seasons of bliss with Yolanda on RHOBH can go on forever, even though we live in a cruel world that tore her away from us in the form of a tragic Lyme Disease diagnosis. She has been bravely battling the illness since 2012, and it's taken a lot from her, including, for a time, her ability to read and write. But it's never taken away her spirit.

And that's what I want to celebrate, since the quotes we have from this firecracker are all the ones we're going to get this season. Her time on the show has wrapped. Like most of her fellow franchise members, the recently-divorced Yolanda has never shied away from speaking her mind, and letting the other Beverly Hills Housewives know exactly where they stood with her. So, anytime you find yourself struggling with finding the words to stand up for yourself, or finding the momentum to tackle another day when you're facing obstacles that feel insurmountable, just grab one of these Yolanda Hadid quotes, and you'll feel ready for truly anything.

1. When It's Time To Set Some Boundaries

Short, sweet, and always factual unless you're, you know, talking to your daughter.

2. When You're Not A Fan

This is applicable to so many aspects of life.

3. When You Need Someone To Show Up For You

"Don't tell me you're my friend, act like one." Boom.

4. When You Got No Time For That

I often feel this way about household chores.

5. When It's Time To Do Some Adulting

She may not be the originator of this concept, but it sounds so good coming from her.

6. When You Want To Help Someone Be Their Best, Most Expressive Self

"'F*ck you' is not really the best way to articulate how you feel." See? How was I going to know that otherwise?

7. When There's No Point Sugar-Coating It

Hey, some people are. That's just a fact.

8. When You Want To Embrace Your Whole Imperfect Self

"I don't remember what it's like to be normal." And, obviously, there's no point in trying. The word is subjective anyway.

9. When You Have The Best Idea Ever

There's always time for French fries.

10. When She's On Your Last Nerve

We are all volcanoes waiting to go off.

11. ...And She Finally Crosses That Line

Which is pretty polite, as far as shutting someone down goes.

12. When You Need A Reminder That You're In Control

"I'm just trying to keep it together and not have a total, blown out, meltdown." Amen.

13. When You Takin' That High Road

It sounds so kind and so condescending all at once.

14. When You Honestly Get It And You're Waving At Those Haters

Nailed it.

Pretty sure my spine just got strengthened three times over just reading these, so imagine how powerful it will be to say them out loud in your own personal life. I'll miss you, Yolanda Hadid. Thank you for gracing us with your irreplaceable presence.

Images: Bravo; Giphy (14)