7 Things I Don't Want To Hear Trump Say Anymore

It's that time in the general election when the situation is really about to get heated. On Monday, Sept. 26, the world will watch as GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have the chance to debate each other face-to-face. Sure, there have been some words said at rallies, conventions, and on Twitter, but the two candidates haven't had a chance yet to sit down together and truly debate. But as I watch on Monday night, there are seven things I don't want to hear Trump say at the debate.

This election has been troubling for various reasons. Even the fact that a former reality TV star is the nominee of a major political party is disturbing. I have had serious issues with Trump over the last year since he announced his campaign. I didn't immediately think he would ever make it this far, but now that he has, I am not surprised. But if he is going to get on TV to debate in front of millions of people, there are a few things I don't want to hear him say — like all non-political jabs, for starters.

Remember the various primary debates where there was a lot of insulting one another going on? There were all the nicknames like "Little Marco," "Lyin' Ted," and "Low Energy Jeb." And I am not about to listen to Trump use the term "Crooked Hillary" for two hours.

Here are seven other things I don't want to hear Trump say at the debate:

1. Anything About Waterboarding Being A "Good" Idea

"We should go for waterboarding and we should go tougher than waterboarding," Trump said during a Republican primary debate in Detroit, Michigan. Waterboarding has been ruled by various people and organizations as a form of torture. And the Senate Intelligence Committee report, released in 2014, found that this tactic — among other "enhanced interrogation techniques" — was both "brutal" and "ineffective." I'm not interested in hearing another word about waterboarding being a "good" idea.

2. I Never Want To Hear About Hillary's Emails Again

OK, so this is a tough one, especially because it seems like there's a new email scandal every few months when it comes to Clinton. And I'm not saying I don't want to hear the latest reports about her emails or the information that they disclose; it's certainly important that the issue continue to be examined. However, I'm not interested in hearing Trump's take on these emails anymore, especially since he doesn't exactly have much of anything concrete to offer to the conversation, besides that Russia should get involved and that Clinton is an opportunist. I mean look who is talking.

3. The Liberal Media's So-Called Bias Against Trump

Trump has repeatedly suggested that the media is out to get him. He has tweeted about the media various times suggesting just that.

I've said it before and I will say it again: The media doesn't need to do much to paint any particular picture of Trump. He has done a stellar job showing his true colors all by himself. The Onion put it nicely when they "quoted" Trump, saying, "The corrupt news media is constantly taking the things I say and putting them within the larger context of politics and global events—it’s absolutely sickening what they do."

4. Not Interested In Hearing About Clinton's Health

Sure, we should be concerned about Clinton's health, but not just because she's running for president. We should be concerned that the capitalist America we live in is forcing her to keep working when she might need some time off, which is true of many working Americans. But Trump has used Clinton's health to make some sexist jabs that have nothing to do with her policies.

During a campaign speech in August, he even said Clinton "lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS." What does that even mean, Trump? I don't want to hear this at the debate. Maybe Clinton lacks a comprehensive understanding of how to deal with ISIS based on different socioeconomic factors — OK, make that case. But don't say it's because of her "stamina." I am not here for it.

5. Anything He Has To Say About Charlotte

We can only expect that the unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the vast problem of violent and racialized policing will be subject to debate on Sept. 26. And, quite frankly, after what Trump said about Charlotte on Wednesday during a campaign stop in Pittsburgh, I'm not interested in hearing much more from him. He told the crowd at a rally that "drugs are a very, very big factor in what you're watching on television at night."

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts countered during an interview with CNN: "It's presumptuous for him to make conclusions like that."

6. Anything About Abortion

After Trump said in March that women seeking abortions should receive "some sort of punishment," I didn't need to hear anything more from him on the topic. Women don't just have abortions because they wake up one morning out of the blue deciding to move forward with what can be an invasive procedure. And the hoops that many have to jump through just to access the procedure is hard enough as it is.

I don't need to hear anything more from Trump on the matter. He has said enough as it is.

7. Not Another Word About His Damn Wall

I'm so over Trump's alleged plans to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. From the very announcement of his campaign, he made racist statements about Mexicans and undocumented immigrants, calling them "illegals," "rapists," and "drug dealers." I can't listen to another word about big, huge walls without thinking about all the communities that his dangerous rhetoric is affecting. So, Trump, if you have anything to say about walls, I hope it's that you want to tear them down and foster transnational connections and communities.

I don't want to hear any of these comments from Trump. I want to hear substantial policy platforms, not because I want to vote for Trump, but because don't people at least deserve to know what kind of policies he would back? I won't hold my breath.