Where To Buy Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Logo Case

Considering Kylie Jenner's phone is permanently attached to her hand (as anyone who follows her on Snapchat, Instagram or knows) it's pretty much crucial that her iPhone look as stylish as she does at all times. Her latest phone case is just that — stylish, trendy, and totally personal — it's a Kylie Lip Kit Logo phone case.

She's been known to rock all kinds of different cases — from state-of-the-art Lumee's to a quirky avocado one — and on Thursday night debuted a brand new one that might be our favorite yet. While celebrating BFF Jordyn woods birthday in LA, Jenner Instagrammed a mirror shot of the two of them showing off a Kylie Lip Kit Inspired cell phone case. Unsurprisingly, lip kit devotees from all over the internet started freaking out and wondering where to buy Kylie Jenner's lip kit phone case.

The case is gray with a repeating print of Kylie's signature pink dripping, gold-grilled lips and looks fierce next to Kylie's new silver 'do. Sadly, after a detailed search online, I came to the conclusion that the exact case Jenner debuted is not available for sale. Yet. It may be part of the next release of Kylie Jenner merchandise (at least, I hope it is), though there's no information yet about when that will be available... if ever.

Luckily, even if we can't have the exact case that Jenner has (at least for now...) we can treat ourselves to one of these equally cool alternatives available sale now.

1. Candy K Kisses

Kylie Jenner Candy K iPhone Case, $25, Redbubble

Now, your phone can wear your favorite lip kit shade too!

2. Rainbow Brite

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Phone Case, $20, Ebay

Because, as we've all learned the hard way, one lip kit color just isn't enough. (Just ask my August bank statement)

3. Ky's Eyes

Kyshadow iPhone Case, $24, Redbubble

More of a Kyliner fan than a lip kit lover? There's merch for you, too.

4. Pink Pouts

Lip Kit Drop Phone Case, $25, RedBubble

Ladylike pink with a bit of bad-assery.

5. Luscious Lip Action

Jenner Hot Lips for iPhone 6, $5, Amazon

Samsung users are in luck, too! From Kylie's lips to your ears.

Images: KylieJenner/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands