Are Kylie Cosmetics' New Kyliners Sold Out? Get Excited Fans

Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics is only growing. Not only has she already teased upcoming Kyshadow palettes and new fall lip kits, but on Friday, she launched the new Kylie Cosmetics Kyliners in Chameleon and Bronze. While Jenner has already released Kyliners, these new shades are totally different, and it had fans excited for their launch.

Well on Friday, Jenner debuted the Kyliners in their new iterations, and currently you can still snag the latest additions to the Kylie Cosmetics family. The shimmering purple of Chameleon and the true coppery shade of Bronze are both still on sale at the Kylie Cosmetics website, and if I had to guess, it's because Jenner majorly amped up her stock for the debut.

In fact, it seems like all of the Kylie Cosmetics products have been selling out less quickly. However, it's not from a lack of fan support of customers. Jenner seems to have taken note of her customers' dissatisfaction at how quickly new products sell out and increased her stock of nearly everything. Take her KyShadow Bronze Palette. The incredibly popular product — that sold out in less than a minute during its first launch — is still available on Jenner's website alongside the new Kyliners. A product that popular can't have lost its popularity so quickly. Nope, it seems as thought Jenner is picking up her production numbers.

It also seems as though the new Kyliners aren't the only new product coming from Kylie Cosmetics. On Wednesday, Jenner was interviewed by best friend Jordyn Woods on Kylie Radio. During the interview, Jenner was asked what was next for Kylie Cosmetics. She explained that not only are new fall lip colors coming in October but also the new eyeshadow palette.

Big things are definitely still happening over at Kylie Cosmetics, and the new Kyliners are just the beginning. If you wanted to snag them, though, you still can. Head over to Kylie Cosmetics website to snatch them up before they do end up selling out.