Twitter Reacts To Kylie Cosmetics’ New Kyliner

It's another exciting day in the beauty world as Kylie Jenner announced another product release for Kylie Cosmetics. Naturally, fans are sharing their excitement via Twitter. After the success of Jenner's lip kits, the beauty mogul began launching even more products into her collection including her Kyshadow Palette and Kyliner kits. Today on Snapchat, Jenner revealed that there will be two more colors of her Kyliner kits that come with a gel eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner, and an angled eyeliner brush.

The two new Kyliner shades Bronze (a chestnut brown color) and Chameleon (a plum color) are gorgeous. I can't get over their deep gem-toned hues that Jenner showed off on her Snapchat. Kylie Cosmetics currently offers a basic black and brown Kyliner kit for $36, but you're definitely going to want to add these two new shades in your eyeliner stash for the fall.

Even though Jenner also had an exclusive dark brown Kyliner kit in her birthday collection, on Snapchat she says the new bronze color is completely different. Jenner also mentioned on Snapchat the she might have a Kyliner giveaway on her app/website, so be on the lookout for a chance to snag a kit for free!

The Kyliner kits, which include three pieces, are a pretty great deal. What's more, they will last you all day long — as you can see on Snapchat, Jenner goes over the liner swatches on her arm with her hand, and the color doesn't smudge. Bronze and Chameleon will go on sale Friday, Sept. 23 at 1 p.m. PT. Here's what some fans are saying on Twitter about the new Kyliner shades:

Look how pretty Chameleon (left) and Bronze (right) are!

This probably won't be the last of the new Kyliner colors.

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram