Scott Patterson Reveals New Hints About Luke In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival To Reassure Fans

Good news, Gilmore Girls fans. Scott Patterson has a lot of new hints about Luke in the Gilmore Girls revival. And can I just say a big thank you to Patterson for being one of the few cast members who is openly talking about the revival? I mean, of course he has restrictions. He can’t tell us the last four words of the revival or anything super revealing like that, but he is opening up in a major way about what is different in Luke’s life and what is still blissfully the same.

The good news for Luke fans is that this character is one who hasn’t changed very much. Not that any of us were expecting much to have changed in Luke’s life. Part of what the world loves so much about Luke is that he is a man of habit, opening and running the diner every day and taking care of the people he loves in between. All of that is exactly what fans can expect from Luke in the revival. Of his beloved character, Patterson confirms that not much is different now: “Luke is such a lovable character because he doesn't change that much. That's what people like about him. You can rely on him to be the same sort of cranky guy," Patterson tells Bustle at the Kiehl's LifeRide for OCRFA event in LA, following his two-day motorcycle ride in support of ovarian cancer research.

And thank god for that. I don’t know how I would feel about a Luke Danes who, nearly 10 years later, is some hip guy running an ironic diner in the middle of Connecticut, or something horrifying like that. I’m happy to hear Luke is still cranky and generally up to the same thing. Patterson also went as far as to reassure Tan that Luke is “never gonna leave that town.” Can you imagine a Stars Hollow without Luke Danes? Even the thought of that town without Luke’s Diner and Luke Danes running it makes me want to curl up in the corner and eat subpar cheeseburgers until I go into full cardiac arrest.

But here’s the best hint that Patterson provides about what his character is up to these days. This hint isn’t a hint so much as it is a very declarative confirmation of what fans have been hoping for some time. When Tan asked Patterson to say a word to describe Luke and Lorelai in the revival, he said eagerly, “Together. Boom.”

If that’s not the equivalent of a Gilmore Girls revival mic drop, I don’t know what is. To watch Bustle's interview with Patterson, head over to the Bustle Instagram page and check it out on Instagram stories, available for a limited time.

Reporting by Sara Tan.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures (2)