Scott Patterson's Response To Team Luke Vs. Team Christopher On 'Gilmore Girls' Is Exactly What You Want To Hear

There are a lot of ship wars in Gilmore Girls that I can get behind, but the rivalry between Team Luke and Team Christopher is not one of them. And, I’m going to be honest, that's because I do not believe that Team Christopher stands a chance in being a serious love interest in Lorelai’s life. Who even are the people who want that romantic outcome for one of television’s most lovable characters? From the sound of it, Scott Patterson feels the exact same way (thanks for backing me up here, Scott). Well, now Patterson has responded to the Team Luke versus Team Christopher debate in exactly the way Team Luke fans could have hoped.

Patterson opened up about how he feels about the whole debate, telling Bustle at the Kiehl's LifeRide for OCRFA event in LA, following his two-day motorcycle ride in support of ovarian cancer research, that “there's really only team.” Agreed. Totally and completely agreed. Patterson went on to describe the same sort of confusion over the debate that I think most fans feel: “Like really, there's even like a discussion about this?”

I just want to take a minute to thank Patterson for his incredible candor, because that is exactly how I feel every single time this topic even comes up. Like, why are we talking about Christopher as though he were anything other than a complete flake who's never been emotionally responsible with Lorelai or with Rory. I mean, he has his moments — and I know they have this whole family thing going on — but sharing blood doesn’t mean that you’re meant to be together. Especially when you consider how frequently Christopher comes and goes in comparison to how consistently Luke has been Rory and Lorelai’s lives.

I actually have this very strong belief that Luke has been the bigger male influence in Rory’s life. If you watch the series carefully, you’ll see him caring her for in a way that not even Christopher does — from protecting her when she starts dating Dean to sending Jess away when he gets Rory in a car accident to helping her move into Yale on her first day of college. If you ask me, Luke has been more of a father to Rory than Christopher ever has.

And, as for their respective roles in Lorelai’s life, there really is no competition.

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Reporting by Sara Tan.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures (2)