Did Pat McGrath Tease A New Makeup Product? Gigi Hadid Gives Us A Clue — PHOTOS

One of beauty's most influential creators just dropped some serious hints about a new product, and the world is wondering: Did Pat McGrath tease a new makeup product in a recent Instagram post? We think Gigi Hadid knows, and we hope she spills soon.

McGrath took to Instagram to announce that "SOMETHING IS COMING from Pat McGrath Labs...." with a video of the ever gorgeous Gigi Hadid posing in monochromatic, nude makeup with an intense pop of highlight in the inner corner of her eyes. McGrath followed up the original post with another of super model Naomi Campbell, captioning it with "@iamnaomicampbell is here to let you know SOMETHING IS COMING". Campbell is also wearing an ultra shiny highlight in her inner corners. Is McGrath teasing a brand new product — a highlight? A cream shadow? We can only hope and wait.

McGrath is the Design Director of Proctor & Gamble beauty and chose to tease the new product at the Versace Fashion Show. That's a pretty big platform, so while I think it definitely could be a new product, the announcement could be foreshadowing something even bigger, like a whole new range of products. While we still don't know for sure, we can expect it to be amazing.

That inner highlight, though!

It looks like a creamy product that might work in a variety of ways, like as a highlight or eyeshadow. Who knows! We'll be stalking her accounts until the truth is revealed.