These 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Script Spoilers From I. Marlene King Hint At Spoby's Fate

I don't mean to get overly giddy, but guys, I think we may have some big — scratch that, huge — spoilers for the Pretty Little Liars finale on our hands. Creator I. Marlene King spent her Friday tweeting out some very cryptic snippets of the Pretty Little Liars script that, frankly, should have "Spoiler" stamped on them in big red lettering. It's no secret that the finale is looming, but April is still a long way away, and PLL fans need to something big to hold on to. Luckily, King knows the way to hearts. While she is in the throes of tying up all of the loose ends to one of the biggest shows in Freeform's stable, she's let is slip that there will definitely be reconciliations, a wedding and, most excitingly, the return of a character we've been low-key mourning the loss of. King's got a secret, but can she keep it?

Let's unpack some of the biggest reveals from King's tweets. First up: wedding bells are definitely ringing in the finale. Naturally, King did not let it slip who exactly was walking down the aisle, but I have a feeling we could be reading the answer to that Ezria proposal from the summer finale. This line definitely sounds like one of the girls, though, and since I'm a major Ezria shipper... my money is on Aria saying this touching, albeit light-hearted, line.

Then, there's this charming little nugget from Toby. Yes, that Toby. The one we've been crying over for a few weeks now. Could this be a flashback to happier times? Or, is Toby actually going to be alive and relatively well when we rejoin the PLL story in April? The PLL fandom appropriately freaked out when they saw this particular line because duh, only a heartless human would hope that Toby died in that car crash. He and Spencer are totally meant to be. But who is the girl that he is referring to here? Could he be talking about A.D.?

And finally, a very meta spoiler tweet. Is this the closing line to the series? It would be an interesting note to go out on, considering the show has often mixed the macabre with the light-hearted with the dramatic. Whatever the reason, my gut tells me that this line will be spoken during a very poignant final reunion scene with the girls.

Whatever King has in store for Pretty Little Liars, all I know is that these little snippets are so spoiler-y and curiosity-inducing, that I'll be poring over them for the next few months. The tweets clearly belie Pretty Little Liars ending on many a high note and will, as always, pack in the emotional punches.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform